November 2, 2010

the day before you turn 18

it's november 2, 2010, 10:35 pm, and in just a few short hours, i'm FINALLY turning 18. i don't know if i need to see it as a special thing or not, because turnung a year older happens every year, but turning LEGAL is another. so i guess, yeah, i might as well be excited for tomorrow.

today, i went to the dress maker to have a fitting session. srsly, i've forgotten how these things went, and i got a bit scared when manang suddenly started pinning pins on the lining of the dress. it scared me because she was pinning them REALLY close to my skin, almost as if to a real close fit, so all the while i was thinking 'i hope the pin doesn't go through me. please, i hope it doesn't go through me~' :">

and then after that, we made our way to the caterer's to finalize stuff for saturday. it was fun actually. the reception area was the showcase room, i think, and i saw most of their fancy napkin fold and table designs layed out. what i REALLY like seeing was the pictures of cakes. i chose one that realle looked good with my dress, because most probably i'd have lots of pictures with it. and yes, it's pretty. i fell in love with it the moment i saw it <3

after that, the rest of the day was spent practically just paying for the stuff chie and i decided to buy online last night. it wasn't much of a hassle really. i've done countless of online purchases, and it's just a matter of finding online shops that won't steal or milk off your hard earned cash. yes, when i say hard earned, i mean it O_O

so i'm expecting a few packages to be delivered to my house tomorrow \:D/ just to show you guys what i bought...

earth shiny happy bracelet by mushpomato

princess vintage necklace by happy heart accessories shop

and i don't have a picture of the items i bought, but i might as well plug it here...

human heart nature (100% all natural beauty products FTW yeah)

for the first two, i'm glad to say that it was easy to talk to them. nothing a few texts can't fix :) and of course, they did the reminding, not me, so i say thumbs up (^_^)b payed for the items using gcash~

for HHN, i had an account set up a few months back. yes, i've been wanting to buy stuff from them since FOREVER but i didn't have the money to. now that there was a reason to actually buy something from HHN, chie and i grabbed the opportunity. can i just say that BPI has evolved into a wonderful new place? hihihihi~ i love their touch-screen electronic tellers and comfy seats. yep, first time i didn't have to stand up and line in a BANK. now THAT'S something :)) and since they have the electronic system, i didn't need to write anything down. just press in a few numbers and out comes the que number! the only problem they'd encounter though would be technical glitches and  of course, the crowd sitting in front of them waiting~ they should just open up more counters if you ask me :)) 


November 1, 2010

the hairbow

like i said, i spent most of the afternoon trying to piece accessories and other stuff that i THINK would look good with my dress. seriously, i have yet to see it tomorrow morning because they scheduled my fitting TOMORROW. and due to the lack of awesome stuffs (vintage, loli and the like) in the regular malls, i opted to seriously scourge the net for some proper items. 

although online shopping seems to be fun (yes, i admit to that), the most bothersome fact in this line of business is if the seller doesn't really respond to your queries about a certain product. well, yeah, i found the stuffs i liked and inquired about them, but i have yet to get a response. 

but after almost 2 days of not getting any message via note or text, i thought of skipping the whole thing and actually just make my own. truth be told, i gave up on wear a crown/tiara on my head because the good ones were usually sold already and i wouldn't stand a chance if i had one custom made. so i opted for ribbons instead :) 

sky blue and white polka dot fabric ftw!!!
i made use of this tutorial to help me. yep, i found a lot of em but this seemed pretty good :) and it made use of some fabric too, not just ribbons so it made more sense :P

aaaaaand i made another one for chie. although i still don't know if this should go on as a headband or something to put on her neck

(chie, you decide and then tell me :P)


October 30, 2010

the long sembreak post

i wonder why every night for the past couple of weeks, i've told myself to BLOG something, even the SMALLEST thing, but night after night i would spend hours staring in front of the pc and do NOTHING and then turn it off at 12 midnight (or later than that) without even getting one single blog post done. 

i hope you're ready for some hard, long ranting folks :))

September 26, 2010

cosplay mania x -- 6 more days to go!

and i found the official poster :) plugging it in ;)

see you guys there!


September 25, 2010

Bo's Coffee @ the MVP basement

the only thing i like buying from Bo's Coffee is their chocolate shake, although sometimes i'd wish i had the courage to ask if they could put whipped cream on it too. i think it's unfair that they don't put whipped cream on their chocolate shake :< the only way i got to indulge myself with it was the time amberber bought this caramel cappuccino and she let me eat some of it.

but anyway, last thursday, amberber and i discovered something REALLY yummy from Bo's Coffee -- THIS cake :D

i forgot what it's called though ._. i definitely splurged on this one because it looked OH SO GOOD. this cake definitely made my day <3 

it was so good, even amberber bought her own cake :)) 


may nag text~!

what a lame title :)) but i couldn't think of anything else ._. i think it's better than naming this blog entry as 'my new phone' or worse 'my new baby' @_@ that'll make me sound like a retard :P

but yes, i DO love my new phone despite the criticisms i get that it ain't QWERTY. who cares if it isn't? i still think that having a touch screen is SO COOL >M< i can't believe i managed to have one in my lifetime even :)) i'm betting this is my (very) advanced birthday gift from my mom, so i'm treasuring it.

i also love the cute little pink blob i bought from Clipper @ 99 pesos. it lights up when i text some/ someone texts me/ someone calls me/ i call someone. it lights up when nothing happens as well, so it's a bit creepy, but i can live with that :D

some shots... because i took the time to take them ;)

fufufufufuf so fun :D


September 16, 2010

Day 03 — Your favorite television program

i don't watch tv.



September 15, 2010

Day 02 — Your favorite movie

I know not a lot of people know this movie, but i absolutely ADORE this <3


i even took the time to dload it and watch it again and again and again. the concept is highly fascinating, the cinematography absolutely cool and hell, the symbols are somewhat hard to understand but i managed to understand them anyway :)

i like the way how the characters seem so... human. i mean, sure it's got this sci-fi feel to it, but then again, the characters in this movie act so normal, it's unbelievable. and how things end up the way they do... it's just awesome. i was even ranting to shani that 'if that's not what you call 'destiny' and 'you're made for each other', then i don't know WHAT is'.

it starts confusing since the movie's not basically arranged in a linear fashion, and YES, you have to make your brain work to understand what's actually happening on the screen, but it's all worth it once you finally know everything :)

although it's about love, it's not purely the cheesy crap you see on the big screen. sure, they're cheesy but somehow you end up not feeling it at all and instead, you start seeing the significance of love, of yourself and how a person truly means to you.

as a bonus, i learned from my GIFT teacher that this movie was inspired by an answering machine. how the story writer managed to connect things together... i am impressed :)


September 14, 2010

Day 01 — Your favorite song

after some hard deliberation, i guess this is my all time favourite song, even if you turned the world upside down and inside out...


even after so many years, this is the song that i usually end up singing when i'm alone and sad. yeah sure, i've had loads of songs as my emo songs, but this one hits home every time. i guess maybe it's in Filipino, that's why it ends up hitting the x mark and goes through my feelings every single time.

the melody is obviously slow, but the chorus is catchy enough to make you want to sing it. the lines are cheesy, but it reflects how every single love i've felt turned out: hurt, miserable, unrequited -- but in the end of it all, i was still willing to wait it out until i was SURE there really was no chance in hell for it to ever work out , thus forcing myself to forget already.

of course, i don't want that pattern to keep on repeating itself again and again. God knows that my heart's been burnt more times than i could even count, so i hope it stops :)) maybe that's why i'm trying my best not to fall for anyone -- i'm too scared to even want to try anymore. i've had enough of broken hearts :))


September 12, 2010

the 30 day blog challenge

found this from pia p.'s lj... i'mma start this tomorrow \:D/ i hope i can make it :) 

simply put, the 30 day blog challenge is just blogging something related to the theme for each day, for 30 straight days. for someone like me who rarely has the time to write (but who WANTS to write), i guess this'll definitely be a challenge. 

so! for those who want to do it as well, here are the themes:

Day 01 — Your favorite song 
Day 02 — Your favorite movie 
Day 03 — Your favorite television program 
Day 04 — Your favorite book 
Day 05 — Your favorite quote 
Day 06 — Whatever tickles your fancy 
Day 07 — A photo that makes you happy 
Day 08 — A photo that makes you angry/sad 
Day 09 — A photo you took 
Day 10 — A photo of you taken over ten years ago 
Day 11 — A photo of you taken recently 
Day 12 — Whatever tickles your fancy 
Day 13 — A fictional book 
Day 14 — A non-fictional book 
Day 15 — A fanfic
Day 16 — A song that makes you cry (or nearly)
Day 17 — An art piece (painting, drawing, sculpture, etc.) 
Day 18 — Whatever tickles your fancy
Day 19 — A talent of yours 
Day 20 — A hobby of yours 
Day 21 — A recipe 
Day 22 — A website 
Day 23 — A YouTube video 
Day 24 — Whatever tickles your fancy 
Day 25 — Your day, in great detail 
Day 26 — Your week, in great detail
Day 27 — This month, in great detail 
Day 28 — This year, in great detail 
Day 29 — Hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days 
Day 30 — Whatever tickles your fancy 

now let's DO this :>


August 30, 2010

the extra curricular

who says all i've been doing is sitting in class and listening to my teachers all day long? that's boring, obviously :P i'd like to plug in two of the things i'm overly excited about because i'm FINALLY going to do something awesome \:D/

Sneak Peek: September 8, 2010 (wednesday) during the JSP week
Toujin Bazaar: September 20-25, 2010 (tentative) 
Colayco Pavilion, Ateneo de Manila University 

so somehow, i ended up deciding to be a marshal instead of a hostess. yes, you might say that fear got the better of me so i clicked on the word 'marshal' instead. and i don't have money for extravagant costumes and the like -- how am i going to survive with only my wardrobe? well, if the bar allowed casual clothes, that would've been cool, but it's a 'bar' and the image i can only form inside my brain is the image of Le Mirage *remembers yaoi con days*. 

After going to one orientation/training session, i actually think my job's pretty easy. it's something i can DEFINITELY handle -- with a smile! :D plus, there are some people i know who're marshals too, so it's all good :D 


October 2-3, 2010
Function Room 5, SMX Convention Center

THIS i swear i'm looking forward to. I went all the way to Magallanes for the meeting and i'm glad i saw ate Sheri and ate Ice and Kuya Shin and Kuya C2 and Kuya Mark again. Kuya Glenn didn't appear, but it's alright :) we all know he's in it anyway :D 

I ended up going to Secretariat rather than marshaling for this one. i was actually tempted to go to the Cosplay team, but then... can i REALLY do THAT? Entrance and Exit seemed so much easier to do anyway :) plus, we'll be sort of front liners for everything -- so we're kinda special too :D I can't wait for October for this one >M< yeah, i'm getting hyped up for volunteering, but who cares? at LEAST i have something awesome to do :D 

so that was just a shameless plug, but i hope you guys can check them out ;) it'll be FUN :D it would be awesome if you can spot me too ;) 


August 11, 2010

writing without a thesis statement this time

no, this is a BLOG and it'll stay that way. 

one of the many reasons why i've abandoned this tiny internet space of mine is because i've been doing papers for both english and lit and both, frustratingly, need to have this some certain structure to them. i admit, i am guilty of this one: i never do the coherence shiz. i fail at it, regrettably, but blogs don't exactly force you to comply with that. i don't think readers would give me a B or an F just because they didn't seem to get my thesis statement or because i don't exactly adhere to some criteria. with that said, get ready for some serious and intense rambling.

July 21, 2010

just another fence i need to jump

i'm not pretty sure what i want to say right now. i'm all muddled up, but i'm definitely happy. i don't want to focus on the negative things, but i need to face them. so here goes:

this is just another fence i need to jump. it's just another one of those obstacles that i've seen again and again, and this time, i'm going to make it. i want to change too. i don't want to stay the same person, to commit the same mistakes and all that crap. i want to learn something new now, and i just need that little push.

maybe this time i've found that push. maybe this time i'll be able to do this, to stay strong, to keep on smiling.

this is just another test -- and i can prove that i WILL survive.

on a random note: lookie this cute thing:

isn't rainbow sheep cute? :D


July 4, 2010

yours truly was on tv

here's an easy way to get your mug face on the big screen:

if ever you see this awesomely big bad ass camera just standing on its stand, you walk towards it, smile at the lens, and then shout 'IS THIS ON?', add a little wave towards it and flash a genuine, drunken looking smile.

and that is how i got interviewed for Y Speak's Shout Out during the Toycon :)) i can feel that manong camera man was inwardly laughing when he saw me just staring at the lens, laughing and pointing at it :P

laugh -- it's the only thing you can do when you see a familiar face on TV :))


June 26, 2010

the gist of my life -- in two weeks time

obviously, i put that up there for a reason: because it's so damn true. especially during math and physics, the lecture picture seems to hold some reasonable resemblance to me, even if i'm not 2D.

right now, i'm supposed to be working on a helluva stuff. honestly, i should've worked on them HOURS ago, but i wasn't up to it this afternoon or this morning. instead, i made myself happy by wrapping my books in plastic cover, listened to the sacred air remix of sleepless beauty, wishing i could play it as well, going for a short siesta, waking up at around 3 realizing that i haven't eaten properly (yet again) and demanded food... in the form of pancakes.

what a saturday :))

but don't get me wrong, i was mulling non stop about my life. i am an utter fool to admit that i finally know what's missing, but i would be more so if i admit to what it is. i'm not stupid. i've made my promises, and i'll keep them. i'll muster up all my will power to submerge this nuisance. quoting from chie, who quoted from her blockmate: '... ang mainlove, TALO'

when i'm done with these facts and figures, i SWEAR i'll go back to my yaoi addiction. that'll make me happy :)


June 24, 2010

where did the drive go?

i don't know why, but there seems to be something off in my life lately. but don't get me wrong, i'm enjoying school immensely -- it's just that i've seem to have come to a point of stagnancy, of being stuck in the middle: i can't move forward because something from the past is dragging me back. unless i finish what i've started long before, i can't enjoy what's happening right now because it's just stuck in my mind... with mighty bond, no doubt. 

and what's more, i can't put things in their right place. i want to do this, i want to do that, i HAVE to do this, i HAVE to do that. do you understand? no i don't either... and that's the friggin problem here O_O. it's like i'm saying i don't HAVE any priorities right now, when i'm SUPPOSED to have them.

i want to get things straight and move on. there are so many things that i feel is dragging me down, and i want to break away from those. the question i ask myself constantly is HOW i should go about it, but somehow i can't seem to answer it. 

definitely, i'm scared for myself. i'm scared that i can't make it. earlier this morning, i felt like crying hard when it was time to announce the Filipino diagnostic tests results. a huge part of me was saying i'd fail it and i wasn't ready to accept it. 

and that was JUST a diagnostic test. what if it was something way bigger? 

i don't know anymore. i can't believe that lack of competency i'm in right now. i no longer BELIEVE. heck, i can't even DREAM. 

so frustrating >_> 


June 17, 2010

the first 3 days of college

(photo by Joy Reyes via Facebook)

seriously, i feel like i'm in high school, except i have loads of free time, less subjects and... well, a tighter and bigger bunch of friends to hang out with :)) not to mention i get to go home at around 4, which is totally cool~ 

downside, i'm getting darker and darker in color because of walking under the sun each and every day. i somehow can never remind myself to bring my new umbrella... i don't get it either >_> i mean, i even picked out a pretty shade of cyan and i still can't remember to pick it up from the table outside. sheesh~ 

but that's just a side effect -- i can't pretty care much about being dark anymore: the prospect of going to school seems more heavier than that :P 

June 14, 2010


what can i say? ORSEM was the BEST thing that ever happened to me~ and if ever we had to do it for one whole month, i would be at least a few pounds lighter than i am now :)) no seriously :P

admittedly, i thought the first day would be terrifying -- first days usually really are like that, but it ended up fun either way. i even met joanne unexpectedly while finding our way to the college covered court (a place i haven't seen EVER). 

everything went smoothly after. our block's totally awesome: we're composed of kalog people who're crazy. we both have ms and mr congeniality, love teams at the very first day, rockers, dancers, singers -- you guessed it, we're a pretty talented bunch ;) although we suck at mob-ing :)) and that's a fact. 

and i learned that dancing while standing on top of chairs is an awesome way to get people to notice you. 

June 5, 2010

the 1st sem schedule

just so you could see it clearly, i placed it here too :D

enlisting online using the AISIS was undoubtedly easy, and to think i panicked the moment i woke up in the morning of June 3. Hahahahaha! it was pretty self explanatory and i had no trouble at all navigating through it. Yes, i STILL have a problem navigating through pages that need a lot of work, so i'm all praises with the AISIS right now -- and to think i hated it 2 months ago.

So yes, i'm pretty content with my schedule. tuesdays and thursday are FTW and i'll live through fridays and wednesdays, what i'm on about is my monday schedule. i mean, what the-- 3 hours of idleness? meeeeehhh... i'll find something to do about it O_O

June 1, 2010

ready for school!

obviously, i've always put off fixing my room until the last minute, but i've finally managed to fix it this morning :) so this is how my new workplace'll look like (ignore the stack of papers and my laptop at the side~ i'm busy  doing something :)) ). i actually like the way all the clutter suddenly vanished and made way for SPACE <3 i've even went as far as raided Office Warehouse, Japan Home Center and National Bookstore for all the nifty little storage boxes you can see in the picture~ and the books have been dusted too, although i forgot to make this year's inventory of books -- i just remembered to do it last night, but i don't think i have the time to do it this week~ (maybe i'll do it next week)

yes, i sure am ready to go to school especially after i received this in the mail yesterday...

May 31, 2010

annapat spotted with my grad gift!

this was taken during lorraine's epically awesome debut :> see? my grad gift DOES have uses of its own ~

but yes, looking at it, i feel the looooooove~ i mean, i spent so many days stitching all of them, and most ended up getting a bit bloody because of the late night sewing sessions (you can guess how much my fingers took a toll) and well, i felt so happy that annapat's gone and used it to decorate her cellphone with :)

happy happy >//////<


the awesome grad gift project: お守り (o-mamori) tutorial

(as requested by valerie co... because she said it would be awesome if i did a tutorial)

first of all, i'm happy that the grad gift project is no longer a secret, since i'm posting this. i'm glad that they're finally out to the people i intended to give them to and i hope they find some sort of use for it.

so first of all, what IS an Omamori,?

in simple words, they're Japanese good luck charms, but i'd rather feed you more info about it.

the blog re-model (may 2010)

i suddenly thought of re-modelling my blog because of two reasons: 

1. it lacked the cutesy factor
2. it's not updated anymore

so viola!~ a remade blog with a new me in it :) say goodbye to the old highschool me and say hello to the optimistic (yet still a nut case) atenean named shing!

one of the many things i've changed in this site is the presence of affiliates and features i WILL be working on the next few days. plus i guess i'm still continuing my projects, but i'll finish them first before i go posting :) 

so with that said and done, wish me luck for another round of randomness-ity and loads of other crap and fun :) i'll try my best to update because seriously, i missed it. writing, i mean :)


May 12, 2010

just hear me out -- the college musings

officially, i haven't really said anything about my college. of course, you've heard incoming frosh from UST and La Salle and CSB and UP say something (for example their scheds) but me, as an incoming Atenean frosh, i haven't said anything to add to the whole 'hello college life!' mix -- it's just because our school wouldn't really start operating on us frosh until June hits... and it's still early May, so yes~

but enough of that drama, i've finally found something that got me interested to go to school: the annual OrSem :> links up for those who want to look! --

as their tag says 'nO otheR univerSity doEs it the way we do | adMu'

i'm just totally hyped up about it >M< my cousins who graduated from admu says that those 3 days (well, it was a week for them anyway~) would have to be the BEST experience we'll ever have :D i hope so too ;) 

so, i know you just read 4 paragraphs worth of bragging, but hey, i've always wanted to do it too~



April 29, 2010

Light's Out Final Serving: Dolce~

This day was just lalalalalalalaLOVE!~

although i'm writing this blog 4 days after the actual event, i guess it's fine. i mean, we're all still high about it, and i've somewhat calmed down to collect my thoughts properly. otherwise, you'll all be reading my epic rantings about... well, the yaoi con, in general :>

but i have to admit, that day must've been the best day of my whole entire life. and not to mention the roadtrip kuya andy and i took just to get there~ makati is such a huge and confusing place. plus i don't think i'm destined for that area because i rarely saw jeeps and tricycles, plus the MRT was too far away ._. 

so no, makati, you are not my destiny. 

anyway, although the venue was small, it was just perfect for around 120 people (give and take a few more) to actually fit in, roam around, and get cozy. there were tables selling the most gorgeous stuff (the green fujoshi shirt T_T i was eyeing that one the whole time but noooo~ they ran out of stock >>), trinkets here and there (see my blue star earrings? -- chie and i had to start squabbling like kids on that one) and all the other funny little things you'd probably have heard about but never saw (seme-uke shirt? yes plz).

and the bathroom~ can i say the bathroom was just like our secret base LOL

and the balcony was just awesome~ i felt like i was on top of the woooorld~

there were short talks too. and they were all just funny, and you couldn't help but smile and laugh along with everyone else. for example 

topic: why we read yaoi~
answer (1 of 3): for shits and giggles

topic: who usually reads yaoi~ 
answer(1 of many): girls from private catholic schools! (hoh yeah!!!)

topic: why do we act this way~
answer: no one knows why. it's still a mystery ._.

see what i mean? it was all so very interesting to know that some people actually get SENT to japan to study the fujoshi culture. or if not, i'd like to quote what one mod said -- 'i went to japan to learn how to read porn'.

(that seriously just made me laugh ;P)

the library was just super cozy~ and it had all the yaoi goodness piled up on the table~ yep, i can admit i've read most of them... maybe around 65% of those mangas i've already read :P so even if some were still in japanese, i could browse through the pictures again and again because i knew what they were saying anyway. uhuh, that's how addicted i am :P i dunno about the twins though -- they must've read all of em already LOL.

there were some fun stuffs to do too. i got tempted to do a tarot card reading (more on that on the next post because it's rather a long one and it has a certain place in my heart) and then there were cookies and sandwiches for lunch, ate amanda's booth was there too, there were film viewings, at least one quiz and we stalked the ate during komikon who said she'd be releasing a new comic during the yaoi con (another reason why we came). 

i even got to see ate camille after 3 years >M< WOOHOO!!! 

but maybe the highlight of the whole entire day was the butler cafe~ 

generally, i don't think it had anything to do with the yaoi, really. well, sure, if you think about the other butlers being in love with the others, then fine, i call quits. but in my opinion, since there were loads of girls during the event (majority really were fan girls, after all :P), why not add another generally well liked idea -- a cafe? 

i mean, ozine had this maid cafe :P (although i didn't have enough guts to actually enter it >>) and a whole lot of guys turned up for that one >> 

at the start, chie and i were eyeing this certain butler (ohoho >M<) but in the end, we wanted to take home kuya xid and ate seven (respectively cid and kune for those who don't know) because they were just hagfasfdjksbnd AWESOME. during the first few minutes, we were all awkward and all, but then when the games arrived, aun na~ we were just playing, and laughing and spending all those 5 peso coins chie and marik brought just for that occasion :P

what can i say? the 300 was worth it :P 

i stayed a bit longer because everyone else (meaning the gang) had to leave early~ so i stuck it out to watch antique bakery (korean ver.) alone (but not alone because there were still a lot of people) and then i ended up winning a raffle :P the yaoi manga should've gone to marik because they called her number first, but it ended up with me soooo~ it's mine >M< 

another bonus of going home late: 

feel good day much? you bet it was. so much that i want to repeat it all over again. HA! in my dreams~


April 22, 2010

my first pay envelope

(no pictures ._. forgot to bring my camera :<)

really~ yesterday was the first meeting i ever went to that had my tummy in knots and doing somersaults every few minutes -- i was even praying silently 'don't forsake me lord~ please~'

and i'm not over exaggerating anything >>

aside from yearbook meetings, i haven't gone to a meeting alone really :P maybe that factor scared me a lot -- i didn't have chie to depend on because she wasn't there and it wasn't a project we were working on together. yeah~

but despite my discomfort, the moment i stepped inside itallani's, miss b and miss aves were insisting we should eat first before discussing anything. and even while eating, they were just randomly advising me about things (college, stuffs, boys~ ganun). so by the time we actually started doing the modules, i was already at ease.

yep, i love them both <3 they're totally awesome people :tighthug: plus they love to laugh too :P

so yes, maybe there were still some things that i lacked in my work, and since mail failed us all (miss b wasn't able to receive the second part >> mails why are you so fail?!?) she had to read it on the spot :P hahahaha :>

in the end, i was able to receive my ever first pay envelope :> but i gave it to ma because really~ i've always wanted to do just that ;) (saw it in a commercial once, and asked around: ibinibigay ang unang sweldo sa magulang. palaging tandaan)


komikon 2010

because we pleaded like crazy, chie and i managed to go to this summer's komikon 2010 -- and yes, it WAS worth it :>

hahaha~ i had so much fun looking at all those indie comics that when we got home, chie and i suddenly thought of making one ourselves~

so now we're basically a team called 'inkbox' and we're still dragging people with us -- but more on that later :P

i can actually say that i liked komikon because of the crowd. maybe cosplay events really aren't for me after all: i get hassled just by looking at all those complicated looking things they're wearing. i mean, in anime, sure it looks pretty essential but in real life, it doesn't. more so if their props hit you ._. and they won't even say sorry :< that just bites.

so komikon is the one for me <3 you still see the creativity -- but it's on paper ;) so it's better :D (but that's just me)


i can't believe i didn't faint on the spot~ lalalalalalalala A DREAM COME TRUE! LIKE C'MON!!!

i think i now know how shani felt when she was able to see neil gaiman :P

stastruck much? I AGREE!!!

then chie and i had the spare time to actually eat something from The Chocolate Kiss cafe (which was on the second floor). they're cake's so YUMMY :< i want to eat there AGAIN ._.

i'll try to to persuade someone to bring me a slice home... oh, and their twining infused iced tea <3

we didn't see enni here yet because... well, maybe because we were at the front of the cafe and we didnt get to explore the rest of it. there were mo seats hidden at the back part, but we didn't go there anymore ._. (should've done so though :P)

all in all, komikon, even with just a 50 pesos entrance fee, was to my total and complete satisfaction :>


shy's 18th :>

(i know it's a bit late to do a blog about this but oh well~)

i got invited to shy's debut -- and oh lord was it fun~

saw many people who i didn't get to see for WEEKS (how more if it's lorraine's~ hmmmm) and it's was in Dad's so: EAT ALL YOU CAN <3

we had to change seats for 3 times ._. until we got back to out original chair which was like 'whut? dito lang rin tayo bagasak? HUH' but no worries~ we had to sit with a couple we didn't know, but it's all right (basically, they didn't mind that we were too damn noisy for out own good)

what really was amazing was that shy herself had to change costume 4 times ._. and everytime it's just 'woah shy~ ganda ng damit mo!!!' and even her hairstyle changed with each and every one ;) -- i don't know how they did it so quikly buuut~ i think it's magic :P

happy birthday shy!


April 13, 2010

daily project: GET THOSE TICKETS

so maybe you've seen me flaunt this little poster before, and yes, you might've heard me rant non stop about this, but today was THE DAY.


and since it was chie's request...

HAHAHA!!! you'll all WANT that invitation, swear, when you see what's inside :P Thanks to ate Khursten of Lights Out! (thanks for waiting for me >M<)


references: <-- check it out for more details :P

April 12, 2010

daily project: donate the books

i remember way back then when my mom and i actually hauled upstairs the basket of books that my brother and i didn't need any longer. that was at least a year back, and i was only now that i was able to actually donate them and see them off. 

well, for one, it was only recently that i discovered that we actually HAD a library near us.So okay, maybe it wasn't THAT near since we had to ride the tricycle to go there, but it's near enough. 

anyway, a few days back, i asked the manong guard if they accepted donated books, and he said yes, they did. that was saturday then, and they were kind of closed. so come today, i dragged all of those books down there and dropped them off. 

really, all you had to do was read their policy and sign the waver. that was it :) you guys might want to give it a try too -- that is, if you do have books to donate :P 

Greater Project 4 Branch (District 3)
P. Tuazon Avenue, Barangay Marilag, Quezon City 
Librarians: Mr.Arturo Lagrimas; Ms.Carla Mendoza; Mr.Noel Sacramento 
With 4 computers for OPAC, encoding, with WIFI
02 438 2208, email:
M-F 8-6pm


The Greater Project 4 Public Library is always pleased to receive book donations from various donors and supporters. Donation of books had helped augmenting the collection development. The books and other materials are accepted with the understanding that they may be retained, discarded and used at the discretion of the library.  The Library is sincerely grateful for the generosity of individuals wishing to donate materials; however, experience has taught us that the following guidelines are necessary:
    1. Donations will be added to the collection only after the items have been evaluated to determine if they meet the collection development requirements.
    2. Selected books can now be processed and will be distributed to main or to other QCPL branches.
    3. If the material determine to be inappropriate for the collection, the Library reserves the right to dispose material to its best advantage.
    4. Such disposition may include : 
      donation to other libraries
      donation to local or other institutions or organizations
    5. The library is not obligated to keep donated materials for any length of time.
basically, that's our library here. you can go search the net if you want to look for the library nearest you :D 

this summer~

well, basically, it's not like i didn't have any plans at all this summer. sure enough, i've already accomplished SOME of them :P it's just that i haven't been able to update this little space of mine because at night...

a. i feel damn ass lazy to
b. i feel like i'm THAT tired (but i stay online at least until 12)
c. i don't feel like opening my blog at all
d. the yaoi manga's calling me -- it's beckoning me and i cannot resist :P

that pretty much sums up a thousand and one excuses i could actually list down here to make you guys believe me :P

anyway, as for now, i'll write down all the things i planned and will do this summer: because this IS the summer to do stupid things :P

1. earn loads of muneh -- currently in progress! yey!
and under this would be:
a. get 5 blurbs finished per week done
b. get 5 articles per month done
c. wake up early every morning (this one is really a drag >>)
d. finish current project under (secret)

2. buy loads of outfits for college
--this has actually been done several times now, all with chie of course :) because it's awesome to look for sales with somebody you know who won't freak out when you do.

3.clean the computer room and make it study-able enough
--somewhat in the process. i can't seem to find the heart to actually throw away a few precious artifacts i found... but they really have to go >>

4. get started on actually finishing the freshman kit they gave me in ateneo a few weeks back
--i REALLY should get started working on this... it's not like i don't care, but seeing a doctor to test me out doesn't look really appealing (because i hate waiting and going to a doctor actually spells WAITING with a capital W)

5. have a good time at the yaoi con
--do i need to explain this?

6. practice the 'green' lifestyle
--green as in environmental. i've been always trying to do something about it, and now i actually can :P

7. go on a diet... or at least lose a couple of pounds
--because i want to.

8. make notebooks
-- because i don't want lined notebooks anymore plz :<

--because elections really IS just around the corner:D

and lastly

10. enjoy this summer
-- this might be my last, after all.

i haven't thought about any projects for now, but i've accomplished some already but i just haven't actually written it down or had any pictures taken. don't worry, i'll try my best :) i want to document every special little thing i've done anyway :)


March 30, 2010

working with the kiddies

this summer, i've found myself tackling a... well, a pretty challenging task.

when my tita, who owns MindGym Inc. (click here for their official website), asked me to become an art assistant, i thought it would be a pretty easy job.

oh, but the kiddies proved me wrong.

not that i'm saying they're pretty difficult, but they really are kiddies: the playful type. they're all cousins (some are brothers and sisters, which i find cute :D) but they all get along pretty well. they like taking breaks (oh yes they do) and they're all under 5 yrs old. javi's 10 and he just got transferred to sir mar's care -- but he's also a sweet kid too.

that's the kiddies for you, and i have to help sir arnel to teach them.

on my first day at work, i was really just finding my place in the huge room -- because i really didn't know what to do. in the end, after around 3 sessions of seeing the kiddies, i guess i've found my place: practically an all around person :))

but what's fulfilling in teaching the kiddies is that you see them at work while doing their artworks, and in the process, you get a clear picture of what they really are. kat's really what a girl should be, andres is really all-out when it comes to cleanliness, even in his work, mateo has a story beneath every masterpiece, martina likes organizing colors and javi's almost at the stage wherein he has to let go of his childishness, but it's still there as of the moment, so everything's good.

they make a rowdy bunch, and sure, maybe they don't talk too much to strangers (like me), but they're amiable sort of kids who gets swayed easily.

and that's what makes them all so lovable :)) yep, i love working with them so much :D


March 29, 2010

anna pat's 18th -- pure win :))

although my feet were slowly dying in my shoes, i still enjoyed last night :)) the food was awesome and oh lord, seeing my friends again (and so many other familiar faces) made me so much happy, i was high the whole night :))

plus the fondue kinda added to my already sort -of hyper induced brain :))

and yep, i managed to pull my 'much more beautiful person (by bowling for soup)' stint off :)) the whole day i was singing it and i was kinda wondering if i was really going to pull it off, because first, it's ROCK and second, this princess doesn't DO rock (although maybe i like listening to it, but i don't sing it out loud)

i'm sure everyone was pretty much amused, and i guess i did well because anna pat liked it, so so much for the embarrassment but OH WELL :))

what i failed to do though, was to arrive early. as a consequence, i only had 2 pictures with kitty ko at photo booth because the thing closed at 10. and i arrived at around 9 30 >> that just sucked, but it was fine :))

and shani just had to sing that song =)) epic win :))

last night was awesome anna pat! congrats! you can now rest your jumpy nerves :))


finally! :D

oh yeah baby! i'm on my way to becoming an atenean! finally :))

a few days back (march 26, 2010), ate lorraine accompanied (and toured yet again) me in AdMU. although ate has been there for about 3 years already, we kinda got a bit lost in xavier hall, but it's all right :)

i had my mug shot taken on that day too :)) IF I JUST KNEW BEFORE HAND, i'd have fixed my hair, combed it straight or something but nooooo~ my hair was a mess and there was this white board right under my chin that had my student number scrawled on it.

you guess it, i was kinda laughing pretty hard inside the photo room :)) i was saying 'mug shot! mug shot!' again and again, and i bet the people after me were like 'wtf is this kid yapping about? what's so funny about a mug shot?'

well sorry :)) they just don't get it :))

and then after, we ate at the cafeteria: and instantly fell in love with their mami <3 all right, i might not live with mami alone, but on my first day,  promise i'll go back and eat that mami one more time because it tasted so good :))

it had a slice of egg on top ;)

really, i'm pretty hyped up about college, and in AdMU of all places. i guess it's all right that i didn't get to UP even after i cried about it. the fact still remains that i still have a school to go to, therefore i should be content that i'm going to school this coming june.

oh yeah~


March 25, 2010

describing my summer

how could i actually begin describing my summer?

in just a week, i have completely turned over a new leaf -- that is to say, i have been 'reborn' and i see things now as different than what i thought they were. i'm not kidding. i feel the whole 'optimism' and 'happiness' radiating all through out my body the moment i wake up, and every time i lie down every night, i feel like the sugar rush still won't stop.

that's how happy i am, really.

maybe it's because i feel accomplished. i can say that i've been doing a lot of worthwhile stuffs, and i feel happy that i'm writing again, that i'm going out of the house every now and then, that i don't ask my mom much for money (because my grad money hasn't depleted yet) and i think life is just perfect the way things are now.

i wake up early because i have something to look forward to doing -- be it going out to a meeting, or do my job as an art assistant. that sort of thing. and when the afternoon strikes, the house is pretty silent and i could do anything i want (mostly sleep) and when night comes, it's back to the computer with one goal in mind: finish writing those articles :))

it really has been fun, and i hope things stay the way they are. i'm experiencing a whole lot of new things that i've never imagined i could do, but i'm doing them, and it really does feel wonderful.

it makes you feel like you're a whole new person, both inside and out.

oh, and i guess a huge factor of it comes from the fact that i've already moved on with life: i'm over him.

that alone is something to rejoice about :) i mean, for almost close to a year, i've tied myself down to one person who can't even love me back. that turned out to be one thing that dragged me down the most, but now it's done and over; i've lifted that heavy boulder up from my shoulders and threw it far into the sea, never to go back to it again because it's somewhere you can't go to anymore :)

oh freedom. oh summer. i love you both :D


March 22, 2010

affiliate of a lifetime: Zhar

Oh Zhar -- one thing i'll definitely remember about you is that the camera just LOVES your face ;)

i'mnot going to disclose details here, because i know you'll appreciate it that way. not because i have anything else to write, but because the things that we usually talk about are very confidential, i don't think i need to use words to convey what i want to tell you about those things -- i know you know what i want to say about them anyway :D

Zhar, i really thank Kate for letting us meet. Lol, that sounded wrong but hey, it's the truth anyway :D i thank her for introducing us to each other three years ago, because right now, if we didn't know each other, we wouldn't be friends and my camera wouldn't be so full of your pictures :))

but seriously, you're one of the people who kept me sane for the first few weeks of sen10r year, and even up till now, i've always depended on you and angel when it came to everything classroom related -- mapa thesis man yan o hindi, mapachenes man or wala, you guys are the only ones i can seem to talk to with reservation, and we're awesome that way.

share ko lang, i really DID feel like crying when your finger got cut by the cutter and you were just shivering as hell while they poured Agua Oxigenada on it. at least it's all healed up right now, right?

Zhar, i hope you stay the way you are -- optimistic na emo. minsan ka lang makakakita niyan sa buhay, kaya special ka :)

when you're in UP Diliman na for good, celebrate tayo :)) and text me okay? LOL. txt na lang talaga eh. unless may YM sa UP LB, then awesome ;)

you're amazing and awesome zhar, and you should know that. and i'm really lucky to be your friend :) >:D<


affiliate of a lifetime: Ichie


in case you want to, start admitting to yourself that i call you my bestfriend, because for all those years that we've known each other, you've always been my bestfriend :D

i don't remember how exactly we got ourselves talking back in second grade, but i sure know that you were so much more wild back then than you are now: because back then you were so gung ho about playing walkie-talkie jollibee with me :)) come to think of it, the set up's just that stupid, i bet we were just testing them out for the fun of it :))

i remember back in the summer before grade 6, i called your house and you didn't even know me anymore. 'who?' 'elisha. i was your classmate in grade four, remember?' -- hanep, NAG ENGLISH PA TAYO EH :)) after maybe 2 minutes, we just hung up, but you know, i still have your number in my little sun-shaped notebook, with YOUR hand writing on it :)

stalker much, yes, but admit it, na-flatter ka naman.

grade five and grade six weren't REALLY the best years of our lives (admit it) so let's fast forward to grade seven: you were even scared to sit down beside me and we ended up sitting far from each other on the first day. but hoh lord, can i just admit that i was so glad you were my classmate? yes i was, and i pretty much enjoyed the year hanging out with you, calling you every night just because it was a habit already, and pretty much we started to discover the wonders of drawing and art once again (remember raining icecream? yes, that was us, with kate :D).

remember when i called you up just to tell you my dad bought me a modem? i was just practically screaming on the phone with excitement, and maybe you thought it was boring, but you were really happy for me as well.

remember the times when you used to say 'utang mo to sakin' but then i ended up never paying for them? that's why we coined the term 'utang-turned-libre' :D because that always happened.

remember when you and kate slipped a note on my locker back in freshman year and it read 'Shing' in pink because you so wanted to test out your new watercolor faber castle pencils? yes, i still have it btw :)) i just need to look for it :P

remember second year when you were just rooms apart and i had to go to another building just to talk to you? you never did like going out so kate and i made it a point to walk towards your building. and when you transferred to our building, we still had to walk you up one floor again before classes started after recess.

remember last year when we just practically shared stories about our NOW ex-es because they were being bitches? chie, i've finally learned that THEY DON'T FRIGGIN DESERVE US AND YOU'D BETTER BELIEVE IT.

i know this year wasn't that great, and we fought real bad, and you were there to see me break down, and yet you were still the first one to make amends with me. no, it wasn't kate -- it was YOU.

and that's why i love you :))

i remember way before you said something like: 'if you love someone, let them go, because if they come back, you know they really belong to you. kaya when the time goes, i can let go of you because alam kong babalik ka rin sakin eh'

yes, you DID say that (that was grade seven i think), and for the whole of november and december, that was the only thing i was thinking of: that was what REALLY kept me going, after all :>

chie, thanks for a lot of firsts. oh, don't you go all green on me :)) by firsts, i mean like, first time someone came to my house and slept over, first cosplay event i went to, first mall gala experience that lasted more than 6 hours, first time to go on a vacation with someone other than my family, sharing with me my first heartbreak... i can list a lot, but i know you'll get tired reading them all.

just get the point that you really are indeed very VERY special to me and that'll never change. the eagle can never EVER brainwash me into hating the archers because that's what you are -- and i respect that because for the longest time, you were and have always been talking about going to la salle when i was just ranting on and on about my would-be UP life (that would now never ever happen, but wtf. i'm still in Katipunan and it won't change)

chie, thanks for trusting me with your secrets. i know you and kate usually hide some from me to avoid hurting me, and i guess it's all right because you know i'm a nut case and i can't help it ;) but all the same, i still thank you for trusting me enough.

i'm sorry if i've been overly annoying at sometimes :) i can't help that either :<

but even so, i know you still love me the same way i love you. and no matter what 'walang iwanan at kalimutan' because once you're rich and famous, i'mma leech off you :P no, i'm kidding. we still have loads of dream to fulfill together with the rest (like our grand bar idea -- complete with the books, the artworks, the DRINKS and all the snazzy rooms people could use... for various reasons ;) )

don't forget to update me now and then. oh, and if you've got a gig, tell me :)) para makapunta naman ako, kahit isang beses lang :D

i LOVE you chie!and i'm rubbing THAT FACT IN.


affiliate of a lifetime: Angel

it's not the best picture i could find of her, but it sure does show you why i called her 'bubble' -- now go figure, but don't own it, because i'm the ONLY ONE who could call her that cause she's MY bubble.


first day of sen10r year, i was surprised to see angel lingering around room 5 when she suddenly told me 'classmate kaya kita' and then we fell into a thorough discussion of our options.

yes, what made angel and i closer was the fact that we were newbies to the DD/SD class and our minds had one thought running through them: run!

of course, that didn't happen. angel was more realistic when it came to the whole issue and told me to actually stay, for her sake. i couldn't refuse her then , because she was kate's seatmate for the whole of third year, and i usually asked her loads of favors like 'pakisabi kay kate...' 'pakibigay naman oh..' and things like that.

maybe it was the best decision i made in my whole entire life: and angel had a hand in taking me where i am right now.

you know what, i'm so grateful to you my dear bubble <3 not only were you my thesis mate, my seatmate in physics, my rant mate inside the classroom (along with zhar) and a great classmate, you were one of the people who made this year REALLY special and unforgettable. yeah, i know you had your PMS moments, but i could live with that ;)

i must admit, you're definitely amazing -- you're responsible, you're good with accounting, you pass your requirements on time (something i haven't done for the past two quarters) and you manage to ride every joke and every sabaw moment that zhar and i have. admit it, both of us usually are too weird to handle, but you were always there to listen to us everyday -- because you're never absent :D

thanks for being an awesome friend :) i know, you must've heard a thousand justin stories from me, even until the very end, but you put up with that. not only, you bluntly told me advice that i sure did need. it's only now that everything sunk in, you know. it's not like i wasn't listening to you back then, it's just that i guess i've finally woken up from that dream and i'm about to jump to another -- if i find it.

thanks for entrusting me with your secret too ;) i shall keep it forever in my heart and die with it.

i hope i'll still see you sometime. UE is very very far from Katipunan and maybe the only time we'll see each other is that when you use the LRT and then the MRT home, because we'll definitely cross paths in Cubao, gateway ;)

let's go shopping for zhar's lingerie okay? :)) let's buy her a sexy one :P

-- shing

affiliate of a lifetime: Anna Pat

i still can't get over the fact that you're so much older than me, but hey, i have to live with it ;)

i've always been aware of anapat's presence: that dark, twisted brain of hers emitting waves that just practically caused me to shiver, but it's not always the case.

maybe the only time i really got to know anapat was when we were asked to layout our book for GIFT last year. that was when i discovered that she was a great artists, that she was awesomely amazing when it came to art and that her concepts were so awesome, they would've won any award.

i could still remember the awkward phone calls i had with her during the first weeks of us being a team. i really had no idea how to talk to her because she was all english and i just had to answer her in filipino because i was in no mood to correct myself.

but that soon went away when we seriously started to work on the layout. who cared if we didn't talk in the same dialect, huh? as long as we got the job done right?

she was the first person who i admitted to that i had no friggin idea how to use Adobe InDesign, but i still winged the whole thing anyway back at the OCEA. i was wishing back then that sir velarde also wrote her name on the excuse letter they gave to sister TA, because it was REALLY hard to do the whole thing, all alone, with someone i didn't know (who turned out to be Ms. De la Paz, my awesome and lovely english teacher :P)

remember anapat when ms. de la paz got mad at you for not greeting her? i was so scared for you back then :|

until now, anapat's still my partner when it came to various GIFT projects, especially for the recent one we just didn't finish :| oh, and i'm still sad about it, but what can we do anyway? LOL.

thanks anapat. this year wouldn't be awesome without you. i enjoy all those meetings we had, all the yearbook stress and angst, all that chismis we shared in YM and everything. but one thing i'd like to thank you for would be your support: it never did falter. not even once. seriously, you would always say 'go shinglet!~' even if i was all 'no way i can't do that :<'. you were always there to read my stats in Ym and you would always have to react to them, no matter how absurd they may sound, but they all make sense to you, and i don't really know why :>

maybe it's because you're awesome that you understand :D i hope you continue being awesome :) and when you're out there already, in the big world, trying to gain world domination, i hope you count me in as one of your generals, because i'd go that far for you.


the affiliate of a lifetime: Shaniqua

(couldn't find a solo pic of her anywhere so... hi shani!)

shani has always been good in math. the moment i met her, i knew she was awesome with numbers. no really.

that was how it all started for us: we were randomly picked as a pair to man the booth we had back in 1st year (i think we did a lounge sort of thing), and we ended up finally talking to each other, even if we were GIFT mates for months.

well, you can guess that she counted the money and took note of them while i was the one asking for it from the people entering. and in between, we were just talking about jugoku shojou's opening theme song 'sakasama no chou' -- because the wallet i stole from kate had a copy of the lyrics :P by the end of the 4 hour shift, we were officially friends :)

what's more, God made it possible for us to be classmates in second year, and oh Lord, i need to thank you for that. Shani and Kitty made second year bearable. Shani was just a seat apart from me, so when Essa wanted to change seats, we would always comply ;)

and during the annual retreat, we had this phrase called 'divorcee' because we actually promised to stick our beds together but our other classmates pulled them away :))

for the longest time, it would always be shani who would be the first person who i'd run to when i needed to cry or vent out something. shani would prepteually be my cram mate, especially in GIFT, because that's where we usually cram together. shani would forever be the girl who, for me, would perpetually have that boy toy of hers just around the corner, the one who actually had the guts to make fun of her hair.

about shani's hair -- i've seen a complete transformation of it ;) it looks best now btw :D

shani, thanks for always being there, at the other classroom, ready to hear me out when i needed you to. thanks for understanding me the best. thanks for being so patient with me, letting me take a look at your notes in physics and in any other subject, for being so smart and so cool, even if you don't admit it, for lending me books, for walking with me during lunch time when we had nothing else to do, for watching with me a whole lot of plays and movies, for supporting every little thing that i actually do and for just being the shani that everyone loves and who loves me too <3

i bet when we grow old, and even if we're in college, we'll still watch those plays together :)) don't forget to call me when it's time for the oblation run ;)

yes, sakasama no chou just ended on my playlist, but our friendship will never EVER end. and don't you forget it :)