September 14, 2010

Day 01 — Your favorite song

after some hard deliberation, i guess this is my all time favourite song, even if you turned the world upside down and inside out...


even after so many years, this is the song that i usually end up singing when i'm alone and sad. yeah sure, i've had loads of songs as my emo songs, but this one hits home every time. i guess maybe it's in Filipino, that's why it ends up hitting the x mark and goes through my feelings every single time.

the melody is obviously slow, but the chorus is catchy enough to make you want to sing it. the lines are cheesy, but it reflects how every single love i've felt turned out: hurt, miserable, unrequited -- but in the end of it all, i was still willing to wait it out until i was SURE there really was no chance in hell for it to ever work out , thus forcing myself to forget already.

of course, i don't want that pattern to keep on repeating itself again and again. God knows that my heart's been burnt more times than i could even count, so i hope it stops :)) maybe that's why i'm trying my best not to fall for anyone -- i'm too scared to even want to try anymore. i've had enough of broken hearts :))


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