September 25, 2010

may nag text~!

what a lame title :)) but i couldn't think of anything else ._. i think it's better than naming this blog entry as 'my new phone' or worse 'my new baby' @_@ that'll make me sound like a retard :P

but yes, i DO love my new phone despite the criticisms i get that it ain't QWERTY. who cares if it isn't? i still think that having a touch screen is SO COOL >M< i can't believe i managed to have one in my lifetime even :)) i'm betting this is my (very) advanced birthday gift from my mom, so i'm treasuring it.

i also love the cute little pink blob i bought from Clipper @ 99 pesos. it lights up when i text some/ someone texts me/ someone calls me/ i call someone. it lights up when nothing happens as well, so it's a bit creepy, but i can live with that :D

some shots... because i took the time to take them ;)

fufufufufuf so fun :D


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