January 29, 2010

too sleepy for more words

yes, i'd love to blog something right now, but then my brain has somehow encountered a certain block somewhere and it cannot perform like it is during the day.

i guess all you have to know now that chie and i are working for the yearbook/elective shiz right now, as we have been for the past few hours.

oh well


a set of six word stories

1. i'm falling, falling, falling asleep again.
2. last valentines, our love song ended.
3. parang galit sa atin si kuya.
4. the sky was very pretty today.
5. my shirt won't fit... oh well.
6. people think i'm crazy... they're right.
7. ha! planner mo bulok! akin rin!
8. (front) cute. funny. smart. pretty. creative. amazing.
(back) these do not apply to you.
9. define awesomeness: (insert your name here).

(by shing, shaniqua, anna pat and lorraine during GIFT time)


January 27, 2010

i want this please!!!!


a few weeks ago, chie and i watched Sherlock Holmes at the theater and we couldn't get enough. we promised each other that we'd buy the original DVD and we'd buy the soundtrack too because the soundtrack is OH SO COOL and we sat there for an extra 10 minutes just totally fangirling about the whole movie and even days after that we were still oh-so high about it.

in short, i LOVED this movie and i WANT this soundtrack! :D

question is... where do you BUY it? :|


the banahaw experience

it might've been a day already, but my body's wrecked with muscle pain all over. inspite of this fact, i still went to school (although late) and enjoyed the day remembering about yesterday's amazing adventure.

it started out with me and lorraine waking up from sleeping on the journey towards mt. banahaw. after a few minutes of orientation time by our lakbay kalikasan instructors, kuya abe and kuya jin, we jumped off the bus with only one backpack, and with only one bottle of water.

yes, lorraine and i admit we were stupid to leave our bottle of water back at the resting place. in Kalbaryo, we had to walk for two hour's worth of trekking, from one small hill to another big mountain. at first, we were fast walkers but then that left us dehydrated, and by the time we were trecking downwards and back to camp, lorraine and i were in no mood to talk anymore, well, at least scream in surprise if we suddenly slip, but then that was that. we were already both dehydrated and hungry and both of us were looking forward for some lunch.

of course, lunch nourished us again and we were back to trekking, but this time, to a small cave. Husgado was the part when we had to enter a small and narrow cave to be 'judged', as the title implies. the folks there believe that if you couldn't get out of the cave, you don't have enough faith. if you got out after a long time, you had many sins. if you got out with a lot of scratches, you needed to repent more. if you got out just fine and in a short period of time, then you're definitely clean. they also talked about the cave being magical: if you didn't believe enough, the cave's walls would narrow and you wouldn't be able to pass through.

i'm a bit of the claustrophobic side and i absolutely hate dark places, so the time i spent inside the cave, i was crying, shivering and gasping for air. yes, i panicked a lot, and i thought i wouldn't be able to hoist myself up. i DO believe in God and have enough fith in him, but i didn't believe that i could support myself with my own bare hands and feet.

after the Husgado, we went down to what they call 'Buhok ng Ina': it's this small waterfall in the nearby river that would wash your sins. the test there was to lie down under the waterfall and stand up again against the current of the water. so okay, that we didn't do. instead, we did the ritual that was similar to getting baptized in the Jordan river. as a class, we went under the water three times, and after that, it was a free swim for all.

on the way home, we watched 'One More Chance' starring John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonso. so okay, i definitely felt twitter patted on some scenes, especially with their lines. yes, they're cute together :P

we ended up in school at around 7, early even if we met some traffic up in C5.

all in all, it was an awesome day, something i wouldn't forget because it is indeed an awesome memory that needs to be kept :D

(pictures to be posted later!)


January 25, 2010

new steps to keep my cash inside my pocket

according to pia and her awesome palm-reading skills, if a line in your hand just runs past through the curves in between your fingers, then for sure you like spending.

i must admit, i like spending money, even if i don't HAVE money to spend in the first place. i like buying cute stuff and everything that's just bubbly and in pastel colors. if it weren't that, i'd like to buy books or notebooks or pens or other office supply that ends up collecting dust in some corner of the house.

yes, i'm THAT useless. but i want to change too! i want to change in time for college because, again and again, my parents keep on repeating that i'll be my own boss when i enter college and i'll be partially on my own ._.

yes, it's quite scary since i've always depended on my parents for money and the like, and the most i've saved up on has been something worth... 1000? yes, that's all i could manage to save :(

so, after settling my savings accounts in different banks (i thank history for actually making things like those), i've decided to buy myself a small notebook i could bring always to keep track of my expenses.

i've seen my mom before use it, and from what i've learned to do in econ, i think budgeting is fairly easy. all i have to take note is just WHERE my money goes, tally up my savings at the end of a week, and put them all in the bank.

all right! let's get started :D i want to test myself if i could abstain from buying completely useless things :P


reblogging a photostory

this link came from chie just a while ago and i couldn't resist but click it since it spelled like fun. little did i know it was ate amanda's blog of some sorts.

oh yeah, ate amanda doesn't really know me, but i know her :) she graduated from High School 2 years ago, and i'm not sure where she is now. all i can say is that she's a wonderfully awesome artist and i look up to her because of her works :D

looks like a photostory <-- click!

(just awesome sauce... plain old good mush >/////<)


reblogging something i did

i got this first from chie's plurk, but now i give you something fun to do... that is, if ever you're pretty bored.



daily project: running errands

today's daily project was a success :D

at first i panicked because the PAD celebration started late (i guess) and i got out of my classroom at around 12:30, 15 minutes late. knowing my bus driver, he would've left me already, but after running for it, i came to the parking area with the bus still there :0 yes, i'm happy they didn't left me despite my lateness :)

the minute i got home, i changed into some casual clothes and bolted out again, this time with my dad in tow. we walked to the BPI in Blue Ridge and inquired loads of stuff about my savings account. i was scared it wasn't going to work anymore since i ripped of the plastic at the front ._. but it worked anyway :D

after that, i went to SM and renewed my SM advantage card, got my shorts and pants fixed for tomorrow (i shall not abide by the rules since i DO NOT HAVE AN EXTRA PAIR OF JOGGING PANTS LIKE EVERYONE DOES IN SCHOOL) and bought additional stuff for my lunch tomorrow (i'm making sushi tonight after i finish YB shiz :D)

all in 3 hours people :D all that in 3 hours :)


January 24, 2010

things i admit i have not done but should've done

1. opening prayer for beat it! (the communication arts GIFT presentation)... in POEM form!
2. edit long-lost write-ups which have been found (thank GOD!)
3. articles for the yearbook (well, i've thought about them but i haven't written them down yet)
4. finish reading 'house of the spirits' by isabel allende (for english)
5. start reading my share-a-book book (which is 'i am the messenger' by markus zusak)
6. update my planner :|

oh well...

cram tomorrow? most probably :| it's actually possible since it's PAD tomorrow, but then i'd have to do double time on the errands i have to do tomorrow... oh well... Lord help me please :)


a shared dream

i saw this first in annapat's blog for today, and i wanted to do the same thing because oh demn, doesn't that look totally awesome and amazing both at the same time? well, doesn't it?


daily project: 3 out of 3 today!

i'm so proud!

zhar, angel, sam and i managed to finish not only making chapter 5 but also editing chapters 3 AND 4 for the sole reason of editing them. oh lord i'm so glad :) so today's daily project was a success! right now, zhar's compiling all 5 chapters into one word document with the additional table of contents and title page. gosh... FINALLY! after 7 months of hard work, we're DONE

it sounds like a dream come true *sniff*

although in the middle of it all, i got pissed big time: at i didn't really understood what 'sampling design' meant and i was panicking big time already because it was already around 8. then here comes hrin and the conversation goes like this:

Henrietta Fall: design sample?
elisha liganor: don't fuck with me
elisha liganor: i swear
Henrietta Fall: well from the looks of it, elisha
Henrietta Fall: what else can you think of wit hjust those two words

like C'MON!!! i was in the verge of losing it and you just HAD to make it worse by stating something as stupid as that and then following it up with something equally useless ._. gahd... i have been bitching about thesis in my plurk for the past 3 hours and i think everyone knows how lousy i am at thesis work but then... gah!

a lesson: never ever EVER do that. especially to people who are quite in a knot.


January 23, 2010

daily project: 2 out of 3!

yes, that's right.

out of the 3 things i said i'd do today (today's daily project: FINISH EVERYTHING), i was able to accomplish two today.

well for starters, the word 'thesis' never does work
its charms on me. it's not appealing at all. writing for it actually gives me the urge to just drop down on the bed >> yes, that's how i see thesis: just one big drag.

the other two i was able to do, but not after get frustrated a lot of time.

first of all, i have to upload pictures for the yearbook, and since last night i was looking for a site that could help me. i ended up using sendspace. it's pretty cool, but large files that are 100MB big can take up to two hours ._. the frustrating part is, i had to repeat it a dozen of times cause since it's a free thing and you don't need to sign up for it, when someone ACCIDENTALLY closes the window, sendspace automatically takes it that you don't need to u
pload it anymore and thus it terminates your whole entire download, regardless if you've had it on for the last hour.

so yes, since i wasn't the only one using the PC, i was so frustrated when my mom closed mozilla firefox. i felt like throwing a tantrum right then and there. the only thing that stopped me was the thought that i had to do other things, so i had to suppress the anger ._.

i managed to type down documents for my mom too :)

after what seemed like hours in front of the PC, my mom called and said we were going to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 at 5:50. of course i wanted to watch, i mean, who wouldn't? :D and on the way, i payed the 750 Php (through G-cash) i owed Ate Vanya for Chie's planner (the Gaby one). I'm so excited to have it on monday/tuesday ><>

but it's so cute though ._. i think it's worth the wait :D


the ateneo letter

i was just so happy when i got this yesterday. i even got the sticker that sealed the envelope and placed it in my planner.

yes yes yes yes YES! finally! some God sent grace! i have a school to go to that's pretty near :D

i read all of the letters inside. i guess i'm going to the Open House on March 13... anyone else coming? :)


January 22, 2010

project update: untitled comic

yes, we're inspired today, even until now. during GIFT time, we were able to polish and complete the first 4 pages and then turned up with the idea of making the comic parallel to some passages and phrases... maybe tweak it a little :P it was fun planning and drawing at the same time :D

some progress at last! if ever this turns out pretty well, we'd sell this at some convention during the summer :D yep, we're awesome that way!


daily project: live on 20 Php only for the whole entire day

THAT is a 20 Php bill. back in the days when i was in grade 1-3, my mom used to give me something like this everyday. those were the days really... i could buy a drink and a snack for lunch with this.

but that was 10 years ago! it's impossible to actually live with just 20 Php as an allowance for the day, but today, that was my daily project: to last one day with just 20 Php.

of course, i had my usual packed lunch with me and 2 sandwiches. that was all i had to eat for the day.

morning, i was hungry ._. so okay, i DID eat breakfast but then, a few canned sardines and half a cup of rice didn't last me for 4 hours. oh wait, maybe it got digested faster (whut?)

so yes, i took out the sandwich a few minutes before morning rights and proceeded to eat it as fast as i could (i didn't want to get caught by mrs. reyes eating AGAIN).

by recess, i had already eaten my lunch meal and i was thinking to myself 'one sandwich left shing... just one more'.

since it was pretty much the deliberation season for the teachers, we didn't have a teacher in english class. and i was busy recording message vids for the PAD.

that went until lunch time, and i wasn't even finished by then ._. it was actually hell running around, trying to convince people to video them even just for a short while.

then after the whole video thing, i ran as fast as i could to the convention hall because my class was chosen to watch the Center for Music show. My tummy was rumbling by that time but i chose to ignore it as best as i could.

from 10 to 4, i didn't eat anything at all and i was so happy to see my sandwich still pretty much alive inside my lunch box. and the 20 Php?

it ended up as Milo :D

from the canteen, here's a list of things that you can still buy for 20:

--C2 solo
--chilled taho
--bottled water
--iced tea

so basically, they're really not satisfying enough, and they're more of the liquid than solid. but then hey, people still need them anyway :D

20 Php... really... your value is so much less :P

(end daily project)


explaining the 'project'

after i shut down my computer and got hauled off by the school bus, i was thinking of ways on how i an actually change my life. see, i'm a 4th year high school student already, and at this time, i don't even see the point in going to school anymore but i just do it for the sake of going.

it seems that the 'hyper' feeling has worn off when the university exams got released and of course, when you know you're going somewhere, there's this urge for you to actually just wait for the school year to end.

i heard my friend shaniqua say once that there's only one thought/idea that keeps her going to school: she'd pretend she was in college already, and her classes would be totally advanced and awesome even though they were really discussing heat transfer in physics.

so this morning, while on the bus going to school, i was formulating ideas on how i'd brighten up each and every day i had left before graduation.

and then the idea hit me.

'why not dare yourself completely stupid things that you know you can't do?'

not the best idea, i know, but then i decided i would. what was there to lose anyway? doing totally harmless little stupid stuffs wouldn't hurt me at all. besides, aren't i crazy to begin with :P

thus the project entitled 'daily project' ensued. inspired by zhar's 'dear diary' project and shaniqua's 'pretend you're in college' scheme, i hope that this little project keeps me going.

of course, the blog'll be dedicated to updating my life so i could laugh at myself stupid for every little thing i'd do :D i've also included all the other minor/major projects i have in my head and i hope i finish them as well :3 there are really a lot of things i want to do, so i'll start organizing them and ticking them off one by one so they wouldn't clutter at all!

(not the best idea in the world, but hey, i think it'll work)


blogging in the early morning

despite the fact that i woke up late today, and might just end up getting caught by the bus unprepared for school, i'm taking my own lovely time in trying to piece together this blog.

yes, there's still a lot you can say during the times when the sun's not up yet.

take for example: homework. i'm not referring to the ones given, but to the ones i just missed to do yesterday. reason: i forgot my book at school. it's not a lame excuse, all right. i just clearly forgot that THAT homework existed and now i am stuck into cramming.

i should've known better when i put the book back in my locker yesterday ._.

i blame the big bottle of coke for this :rofl:


January 21, 2010

the never ending first post

they say that first posts should be something interesting about the person behind the blog, but i disagree. and besides, i don't have anything interesting in mind just yet, so we'll leave it all at that :D