January 22, 2010

explaining the 'project'

after i shut down my computer and got hauled off by the school bus, i was thinking of ways on how i an actually change my life. see, i'm a 4th year high school student already, and at this time, i don't even see the point in going to school anymore but i just do it for the sake of going.

it seems that the 'hyper' feeling has worn off when the university exams got released and of course, when you know you're going somewhere, there's this urge for you to actually just wait for the school year to end.

i heard my friend shaniqua say once that there's only one thought/idea that keeps her going to school: she'd pretend she was in college already, and her classes would be totally advanced and awesome even though they were really discussing heat transfer in physics.

so this morning, while on the bus going to school, i was formulating ideas on how i'd brighten up each and every day i had left before graduation.

and then the idea hit me.

'why not dare yourself completely stupid things that you know you can't do?'

not the best idea, i know, but then i decided i would. what was there to lose anyway? doing totally harmless little stupid stuffs wouldn't hurt me at all. besides, aren't i crazy to begin with :P

thus the project entitled 'daily project' ensued. inspired by zhar's 'dear diary' project and shaniqua's 'pretend you're in college' scheme, i hope that this little project keeps me going.

of course, the blog'll be dedicated to updating my life so i could laugh at myself stupid for every little thing i'd do :D i've also included all the other minor/major projects i have in my head and i hope i finish them as well :3 there are really a lot of things i want to do, so i'll start organizing them and ticking them off one by one so they wouldn't clutter at all!

(not the best idea in the world, but hey, i think it'll work)


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