June 26, 2010

the gist of my life -- in two weeks time

obviously, i put that up there for a reason: because it's so damn true. especially during math and physics, the lecture picture seems to hold some reasonable resemblance to me, even if i'm not 2D.

right now, i'm supposed to be working on a helluva stuff. honestly, i should've worked on them HOURS ago, but i wasn't up to it this afternoon or this morning. instead, i made myself happy by wrapping my books in plastic cover, listened to the sacred air remix of sleepless beauty, wishing i could play it as well, going for a short siesta, waking up at around 3 realizing that i haven't eaten properly (yet again) and demanded food... in the form of pancakes.

what a saturday :))

but don't get me wrong, i was mulling non stop about my life. i am an utter fool to admit that i finally know what's missing, but i would be more so if i admit to what it is. i'm not stupid. i've made my promises, and i'll keep them. i'll muster up all my will power to submerge this nuisance. quoting from chie, who quoted from her blockmate: '... ang mainlove, TALO'

when i'm done with these facts and figures, i SWEAR i'll go back to my yaoi addiction. that'll make me happy :)


June 24, 2010

where did the drive go?

i don't know why, but there seems to be something off in my life lately. but don't get me wrong, i'm enjoying school immensely -- it's just that i've seem to have come to a point of stagnancy, of being stuck in the middle: i can't move forward because something from the past is dragging me back. unless i finish what i've started long before, i can't enjoy what's happening right now because it's just stuck in my mind... with mighty bond, no doubt. 

and what's more, i can't put things in their right place. i want to do this, i want to do that, i HAVE to do this, i HAVE to do that. do you understand? no i don't either... and that's the friggin problem here O_O. it's like i'm saying i don't HAVE any priorities right now, when i'm SUPPOSED to have them.

i want to get things straight and move on. there are so many things that i feel is dragging me down, and i want to break away from those. the question i ask myself constantly is HOW i should go about it, but somehow i can't seem to answer it. 

definitely, i'm scared for myself. i'm scared that i can't make it. earlier this morning, i felt like crying hard when it was time to announce the Filipino diagnostic tests results. a huge part of me was saying i'd fail it and i wasn't ready to accept it. 

and that was JUST a diagnostic test. what if it was something way bigger? 

i don't know anymore. i can't believe that lack of competency i'm in right now. i no longer BELIEVE. heck, i can't even DREAM. 

so frustrating >_> 


June 17, 2010

the first 3 days of college

(photo by Joy Reyes via Facebook)

seriously, i feel like i'm in high school, except i have loads of free time, less subjects and... well, a tighter and bigger bunch of friends to hang out with :)) not to mention i get to go home at around 4, which is totally cool~ 

downside, i'm getting darker and darker in color because of walking under the sun each and every day. i somehow can never remind myself to bring my new umbrella... i don't get it either >_> i mean, i even picked out a pretty shade of cyan and i still can't remember to pick it up from the table outside. sheesh~ 

but that's just a side effect -- i can't pretty care much about being dark anymore: the prospect of going to school seems more heavier than that :P 

June 14, 2010


what can i say? ORSEM was the BEST thing that ever happened to me~ and if ever we had to do it for one whole month, i would be at least a few pounds lighter than i am now :)) no seriously :P

admittedly, i thought the first day would be terrifying -- first days usually really are like that, but it ended up fun either way. i even met joanne unexpectedly while finding our way to the college covered court (a place i haven't seen EVER). 

everything went smoothly after. our block's totally awesome: we're composed of kalog people who're crazy. we both have ms and mr congeniality, love teams at the very first day, rockers, dancers, singers -- you guessed it, we're a pretty talented bunch ;) although we suck at mob-ing :)) and that's a fact. 

and i learned that dancing while standing on top of chairs is an awesome way to get people to notice you. 

June 5, 2010

the 1st sem schedule

just so you could see it clearly, i placed it here too :D

enlisting online using the AISIS was undoubtedly easy, and to think i panicked the moment i woke up in the morning of June 3. Hahahahaha! it was pretty self explanatory and i had no trouble at all navigating through it. Yes, i STILL have a problem navigating through pages that need a lot of work, so i'm all praises with the AISIS right now -- and to think i hated it 2 months ago.

So yes, i'm pretty content with my schedule. tuesdays and thursday are FTW and i'll live through fridays and wednesdays, what i'm on about is my monday schedule. i mean, what the-- 3 hours of idleness? meeeeehhh... i'll find something to do about it O_O

June 1, 2010

ready for school!

obviously, i've always put off fixing my room until the last minute, but i've finally managed to fix it this morning :) so this is how my new workplace'll look like (ignore the stack of papers and my laptop at the side~ i'm busy  doing something :)) ). i actually like the way all the clutter suddenly vanished and made way for SPACE <3 i've even went as far as raided Office Warehouse, Japan Home Center and National Bookstore for all the nifty little storage boxes you can see in the picture~ and the books have been dusted too, although i forgot to make this year's inventory of books -- i just remembered to do it last night, but i don't think i have the time to do it this week~ (maybe i'll do it next week)

yes, i sure am ready to go to school especially after i received this in the mail yesterday...