June 1, 2010

ready for school!

obviously, i've always put off fixing my room until the last minute, but i've finally managed to fix it this morning :) so this is how my new workplace'll look like (ignore the stack of papers and my laptop at the side~ i'm busy  doing something :)) ). i actually like the way all the clutter suddenly vanished and made way for SPACE <3 i've even went as far as raided Office Warehouse, Japan Home Center and National Bookstore for all the nifty little storage boxes you can see in the picture~ and the books have been dusted too, although i forgot to make this year's inventory of books -- i just remembered to do it last night, but i don't think i have the time to do it this week~ (maybe i'll do it next week)

yes, i sure am ready to go to school especially after i received this in the mail yesterday...

it's the OrSem letter!!! (hahaha, yeah, i hid the envelope purposely... you STALKER :P) i've always wondered when it'll arrive, and i guess it's finally here~ i'm loving it :) (-- McDo?) i feel like i want it to be June 3 already so i can enlist and then i want to pay my tuition already and get my ass hauled to school~

what? i can't help it :)) everyone else i know is in school already (e.g. La Salle and CSB)!!!


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