June 5, 2010

the 1st sem schedule

just so you could see it clearly, i placed it here too :D

enlisting online using the AISIS was undoubtedly easy, and to think i panicked the moment i woke up in the morning of June 3. Hahahahaha! it was pretty self explanatory and i had no trouble at all navigating through it. Yes, i STILL have a problem navigating through pages that need a lot of work, so i'm all praises with the AISIS right now -- and to think i hated it 2 months ago.

So yes, i'm pretty content with my schedule. tuesdays and thursday are FTW and i'll live through fridays and wednesdays, what i'm on about is my monday schedule. i mean, what the-- 3 hours of idleness? meeeeehhh... i'll find something to do about it O_O

and if you're wondering why the hell i chose physics when it was apparently obvious i was nearly strangled by it during senior year, i have one concise answer for it (and this is partly how shani feels too): i want to RE-learn it ._. i didn't learn anything so might as well take my time~

another is that i'm taking tai-chi for PE. seriously, wtf is it? i don't understand wiki >_> oh well... fridays, please take care of me.

so in short, for the next... how many months? this will be my life cycle, and i sincerely hope i can stick with it, along with my usual antics. hehehehehe~ but one thing's for sure, i WILL survive. mark my words :P


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