May 31, 2010

annapat spotted with my grad gift!

this was taken during lorraine's epically awesome debut :> see? my grad gift DOES have uses of its own ~

but yes, looking at it, i feel the looooooove~ i mean, i spent so many days stitching all of them, and most ended up getting a bit bloody because of the late night sewing sessions (you can guess how much my fingers took a toll) and well, i felt so happy that annapat's gone and used it to decorate her cellphone with :)

happy happy >//////<


the awesome grad gift project: お守り (o-mamori) tutorial

(as requested by valerie co... because she said it would be awesome if i did a tutorial)

first of all, i'm happy that the grad gift project is no longer a secret, since i'm posting this. i'm glad that they're finally out to the people i intended to give them to and i hope they find some sort of use for it.

so first of all, what IS an Omamori,?

in simple words, they're Japanese good luck charms, but i'd rather feed you more info about it.

the blog re-model (may 2010)

i suddenly thought of re-modelling my blog because of two reasons: 

1. it lacked the cutesy factor
2. it's not updated anymore

so viola!~ a remade blog with a new me in it :) say goodbye to the old highschool me and say hello to the optimistic (yet still a nut case) atenean named shing!

one of the many things i've changed in this site is the presence of affiliates and features i WILL be working on the next few days. plus i guess i'm still continuing my projects, but i'll finish them first before i go posting :) 

so with that said and done, wish me luck for another round of randomness-ity and loads of other crap and fun :) i'll try my best to update because seriously, i missed it. writing, i mean :)


May 12, 2010

just hear me out -- the college musings

officially, i haven't really said anything about my college. of course, you've heard incoming frosh from UST and La Salle and CSB and UP say something (for example their scheds) but me, as an incoming Atenean frosh, i haven't said anything to add to the whole 'hello college life!' mix -- it's just because our school wouldn't really start operating on us frosh until June hits... and it's still early May, so yes~

but enough of that drama, i've finally found something that got me interested to go to school: the annual OrSem :> links up for those who want to look! --

as their tag says 'nO otheR univerSity doEs it the way we do | adMu'

i'm just totally hyped up about it >M< my cousins who graduated from admu says that those 3 days (well, it was a week for them anyway~) would have to be the BEST experience we'll ever have :D i hope so too ;) 

so, i know you just read 4 paragraphs worth of bragging, but hey, i've always wanted to do it too~