May 31, 2010

the blog re-model (may 2010)

i suddenly thought of re-modelling my blog because of two reasons: 

1. it lacked the cutesy factor
2. it's not updated anymore

so viola!~ a remade blog with a new me in it :) say goodbye to the old highschool me and say hello to the optimistic (yet still a nut case) atenean named shing!

one of the many things i've changed in this site is the presence of affiliates and features i WILL be working on the next few days. plus i guess i'm still continuing my projects, but i'll finish them first before i go posting :) 

so with that said and done, wish me luck for another round of randomness-ity and loads of other crap and fun :) i'll try my best to update because seriously, i missed it. writing, i mean :)


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