June 26, 2010

the gist of my life -- in two weeks time

obviously, i put that up there for a reason: because it's so damn true. especially during math and physics, the lecture picture seems to hold some reasonable resemblance to me, even if i'm not 2D.

right now, i'm supposed to be working on a helluva stuff. honestly, i should've worked on them HOURS ago, but i wasn't up to it this afternoon or this morning. instead, i made myself happy by wrapping my books in plastic cover, listened to the sacred air remix of sleepless beauty, wishing i could play it as well, going for a short siesta, waking up at around 3 realizing that i haven't eaten properly (yet again) and demanded food... in the form of pancakes.

what a saturday :))

but don't get me wrong, i was mulling non stop about my life. i am an utter fool to admit that i finally know what's missing, but i would be more so if i admit to what it is. i'm not stupid. i've made my promises, and i'll keep them. i'll muster up all my will power to submerge this nuisance. quoting from chie, who quoted from her blockmate: '... ang mainlove, TALO'

when i'm done with these facts and figures, i SWEAR i'll go back to my yaoi addiction. that'll make me happy :)


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