July 4, 2010

yours truly was on tv

here's an easy way to get your mug face on the big screen:

if ever you see this awesomely big bad ass camera just standing on its stand, you walk towards it, smile at the lens, and then shout 'IS THIS ON?', add a little wave towards it and flash a genuine, drunken looking smile.

and that is how i got interviewed for Y Speak's Shout Out during the Toycon :)) i can feel that manong camera man was inwardly laughing when he saw me just staring at the lens, laughing and pointing at it :P

laugh -- it's the only thing you can do when you see a familiar face on TV :))



  1. Dude!!! ang tinis ng boses mo hahaha.

    on a side note, GO FIGHTING MAROONS! \m/ kahit na ang fail talaga ng team namin sa basketball haha.

  2. :)) sorry na kung matinis boses ko ha :))

    haha sabay plug ng school :D di yan :)) every team has a chance of winning ;)

  3. hahaha syempre naman naiingit ako na nag plug ka ng ADMU so ako rin! ;) hahaha :P