July 21, 2010

just another fence i need to jump

i'm not pretty sure what i want to say right now. i'm all muddled up, but i'm definitely happy. i don't want to focus on the negative things, but i need to face them. so here goes:

this is just another fence i need to jump. it's just another one of those obstacles that i've seen again and again, and this time, i'm going to make it. i want to change too. i don't want to stay the same person, to commit the same mistakes and all that crap. i want to learn something new now, and i just need that little push.

maybe this time i've found that push. maybe this time i'll be able to do this, to stay strong, to keep on smiling.

this is just another test -- and i can prove that i WILL survive.

on a random note: lookie this cute thing:

isn't rainbow sheep cute? :D


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