June 14, 2010


what can i say? ORSEM was the BEST thing that ever happened to me~ and if ever we had to do it for one whole month, i would be at least a few pounds lighter than i am now :)) no seriously :P

admittedly, i thought the first day would be terrifying -- first days usually really are like that, but it ended up fun either way. i even met joanne unexpectedly while finding our way to the college covered court (a place i haven't seen EVER). 

everything went smoothly after. our block's totally awesome: we're composed of kalog people who're crazy. we both have ms and mr congeniality, love teams at the very first day, rockers, dancers, singers -- you guessed it, we're a pretty talented bunch ;) although we suck at mob-ing :)) and that's a fact. 

and i learned that dancing while standing on top of chairs is an awesome way to get people to notice you. 

our TNTs (Talks and Tours) were awesome too. ate nina, ate dar, ate abi and ate tal made sure that we were still happy albeit the heat, the sweat and the mob-ing (seriously, i can't get enough of that word :P). yep, i love them very much. for those 3 days, it seemed like they were all on drugs coffee and chocolate :P i love kuya ryan too because i think he embodies the REAL essence of the word 'hyper' :)) can't forget the dance moves too :))

to sum it all up, i'm reblogging a note Joy posted on FB because i love the way she put everything all together:

What I've learned.

A. A banana is not merely a fruit.
B. Knock knock jokes = forever the best way to pass the time.
C. "100 Steps 'til AirCon" is a very relevant phrase for everyone.
D. And nope. A TnT is not a detonating bomb.
E. You shouldn't bring your camera out when you have a wild performer (ie Raymund Marasigan) onstage.
F. Mob apparently means run around the campus wildly.
G. When they say you have to run, you really have to. No excuses.
H. The Pacific Ring of Fire isn't at the Pacific Ocean, it's somewhere in Katipunan Avenue.
I. Apparently, you can dislocate your shoulders.
J. And be severely double-jointed.
K. And swim on the floor.
L. And be a totally sociable arnis player.
M. I may not like Charice Pempengco but Pyramid is an amazing song.
N. So is Good Girls Go Bad. (But I like CS so that's a different story.)
O. Nope. A mustard is not merely a condiment.

And most especially..
P. C2 is not merely a drink (It's actually the best block ever.)

I was mentally debating with myself earlier, thinking if it were better to write something long and serious (and boring..) or a less guarded one; obviously, the more rational (and honestly, the lazier) part of my brain won. Hence, this almost nonsensical post which only people who did go through the OrSem experience will understand.

Ate Dar, Ate Nina, Ate Tal and Ate Abi.. Thanks, you guys. :)

C2, let's have a rocking year. Yes? :)

(I'd sing Start of Something New but that'd be totally juvenile. Not to mention cheesy. So I'm not going to type it here. I'm singing it in my head, though..)



  1. who's your mr.and ms.congeniality? :o

  2. leya and tj ;) they're just LOL

  3. A year ago we were planning your orsem. I hope you volunteer for orsem. Thank you.