January 23, 2010

daily project: 2 out of 3!

yes, that's right.

out of the 3 things i said i'd do today (today's daily project: FINISH EVERYTHING), i was able to accomplish two today.

well for starters, the word 'thesis' never does work
its charms on me. it's not appealing at all. writing for it actually gives me the urge to just drop down on the bed >> yes, that's how i see thesis: just one big drag.

the other two i was able to do, but not after get frustrated a lot of time.

first of all, i have to upload pictures for the yearbook, and since last night i was looking for a site that could help me. i ended up using sendspace. it's pretty cool, but large files that are 100MB big can take up to two hours ._. the frustrating part is, i had to repeat it a dozen of times cause since it's a free thing and you don't need to sign up for it, when someone ACCIDENTALLY closes the window, sendspace automatically takes it that you don't need to u
pload it anymore and thus it terminates your whole entire download, regardless if you've had it on for the last hour.

so yes, since i wasn't the only one using the PC, i was so frustrated when my mom closed mozilla firefox. i felt like throwing a tantrum right then and there. the only thing that stopped me was the thought that i had to do other things, so i had to suppress the anger ._.

i managed to type down documents for my mom too :)

after what seemed like hours in front of the PC, my mom called and said we were going to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 at 5:50. of course i wanted to watch, i mean, who wouldn't? :D and on the way, i payed the 750 Php (through G-cash) i owed Ate Vanya for Chie's planner (the Gaby one). I'm so excited to have it on monday/tuesday ><>

but it's so cute though ._. i think it's worth the wait :D


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