January 22, 2010

daily project: live on 20 Php only for the whole entire day

THAT is a 20 Php bill. back in the days when i was in grade 1-3, my mom used to give me something like this everyday. those were the days really... i could buy a drink and a snack for lunch with this.

but that was 10 years ago! it's impossible to actually live with just 20 Php as an allowance for the day, but today, that was my daily project: to last one day with just 20 Php.

of course, i had my usual packed lunch with me and 2 sandwiches. that was all i had to eat for the day.

morning, i was hungry ._. so okay, i DID eat breakfast but then, a few canned sardines and half a cup of rice didn't last me for 4 hours. oh wait, maybe it got digested faster (whut?)

so yes, i took out the sandwich a few minutes before morning rights and proceeded to eat it as fast as i could (i didn't want to get caught by mrs. reyes eating AGAIN).

by recess, i had already eaten my lunch meal and i was thinking to myself 'one sandwich left shing... just one more'.

since it was pretty much the deliberation season for the teachers, we didn't have a teacher in english class. and i was busy recording message vids for the PAD.

that went until lunch time, and i wasn't even finished by then ._. it was actually hell running around, trying to convince people to video them even just for a short while.

then after the whole video thing, i ran as fast as i could to the convention hall because my class was chosen to watch the Center for Music show. My tummy was rumbling by that time but i chose to ignore it as best as i could.

from 10 to 4, i didn't eat anything at all and i was so happy to see my sandwich still pretty much alive inside my lunch box. and the 20 Php?

it ended up as Milo :D

from the canteen, here's a list of things that you can still buy for 20:

--C2 solo
--chilled taho
--bottled water
--iced tea

so basically, they're really not satisfying enough, and they're more of the liquid than solid. but then hey, people still need them anyway :D

20 Php... really... your value is so much less :P

(end daily project)


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