January 25, 2010

new steps to keep my cash inside my pocket

according to pia and her awesome palm-reading skills, if a line in your hand just runs past through the curves in between your fingers, then for sure you like spending.

i must admit, i like spending money, even if i don't HAVE money to spend in the first place. i like buying cute stuff and everything that's just bubbly and in pastel colors. if it weren't that, i'd like to buy books or notebooks or pens or other office supply that ends up collecting dust in some corner of the house.

yes, i'm THAT useless. but i want to change too! i want to change in time for college because, again and again, my parents keep on repeating that i'll be my own boss when i enter college and i'll be partially on my own ._.

yes, it's quite scary since i've always depended on my parents for money and the like, and the most i've saved up on has been something worth... 1000? yes, that's all i could manage to save :(

so, after settling my savings accounts in different banks (i thank history for actually making things like those), i've decided to buy myself a small notebook i could bring always to keep track of my expenses.

i've seen my mom before use it, and from what i've learned to do in econ, i think budgeting is fairly easy. all i have to take note is just WHERE my money goes, tally up my savings at the end of a week, and put them all in the bank.

all right! let's get started :D i want to test myself if i could abstain from buying completely useless things :P


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