January 25, 2010

daily project: running errands

today's daily project was a success :D

at first i panicked because the PAD celebration started late (i guess) and i got out of my classroom at around 12:30, 15 minutes late. knowing my bus driver, he would've left me already, but after running for it, i came to the parking area with the bus still there :0 yes, i'm happy they didn't left me despite my lateness :)

the minute i got home, i changed into some casual clothes and bolted out again, this time with my dad in tow. we walked to the BPI in Blue Ridge and inquired loads of stuff about my savings account. i was scared it wasn't going to work anymore since i ripped of the plastic at the front ._. but it worked anyway :D

after that, i went to SM and renewed my SM advantage card, got my shorts and pants fixed for tomorrow (i shall not abide by the rules since i DO NOT HAVE AN EXTRA PAIR OF JOGGING PANTS LIKE EVERYONE DOES IN SCHOOL) and bought additional stuff for my lunch tomorrow (i'm making sushi tonight after i finish YB shiz :D)

all in 3 hours people :D all that in 3 hours :)


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