September 15, 2010

Day 02 — Your favorite movie

I know not a lot of people know this movie, but i absolutely ADORE this <3


i even took the time to dload it and watch it again and again and again. the concept is highly fascinating, the cinematography absolutely cool and hell, the symbols are somewhat hard to understand but i managed to understand them anyway :)

i like the way how the characters seem so... human. i mean, sure it's got this sci-fi feel to it, but then again, the characters in this movie act so normal, it's unbelievable. and how things end up the way they do... it's just awesome. i was even ranting to shani that 'if that's not what you call 'destiny' and 'you're made for each other', then i don't know WHAT is'.

it starts confusing since the movie's not basically arranged in a linear fashion, and YES, you have to make your brain work to understand what's actually happening on the screen, but it's all worth it once you finally know everything :)

although it's about love, it's not purely the cheesy crap you see on the big screen. sure, they're cheesy but somehow you end up not feeling it at all and instead, you start seeing the significance of love, of yourself and how a person truly means to you.

as a bonus, i learned from my GIFT teacher that this movie was inspired by an answering machine. how the story writer managed to connect things together... i am impressed :)


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