September 25, 2010

Bo's Coffee @ the MVP basement

the only thing i like buying from Bo's Coffee is their chocolate shake, although sometimes i'd wish i had the courage to ask if they could put whipped cream on it too. i think it's unfair that they don't put whipped cream on their chocolate shake :< the only way i got to indulge myself with it was the time amberber bought this caramel cappuccino and she let me eat some of it.

but anyway, last thursday, amberber and i discovered something REALLY yummy from Bo's Coffee -- THIS cake :D

i forgot what it's called though ._. i definitely splurged on this one because it looked OH SO GOOD. this cake definitely made my day <3 

it was so good, even amberber bought her own cake :)) 


1 comment:

  1. Hi!

    Thank you for your feedback! We're glad that you liked the Chocolate Truffle. You might also want to give the Triple Chocolate Mousse a try. It's just as good, if not better.

    Regarding whipped cream on the Chocolate Freeze, Bo's Coffee, as a standard, doesn't put whipped cream on non-espresso beverages. However, please don't let this stop you from asking for it next time you order.

    Thank you for your continuous enjoyment of the Bo's Coffee experience.


    Adee Caluag
    Marketing Manager
    Bo's Coffee