March 22, 2010

the affiliate of a lifetime: Shaniqua

(couldn't find a solo pic of her anywhere so... hi shani!)

shani has always been good in math. the moment i met her, i knew she was awesome with numbers. no really.

that was how it all started for us: we were randomly picked as a pair to man the booth we had back in 1st year (i think we did a lounge sort of thing), and we ended up finally talking to each other, even if we were GIFT mates for months.

well, you can guess that she counted the money and took note of them while i was the one asking for it from the people entering. and in between, we were just talking about jugoku shojou's opening theme song 'sakasama no chou' -- because the wallet i stole from kate had a copy of the lyrics :P by the end of the 4 hour shift, we were officially friends :)

what's more, God made it possible for us to be classmates in second year, and oh Lord, i need to thank you for that. Shani and Kitty made second year bearable. Shani was just a seat apart from me, so when Essa wanted to change seats, we would always comply ;)

and during the annual retreat, we had this phrase called 'divorcee' because we actually promised to stick our beds together but our other classmates pulled them away :))

for the longest time, it would always be shani who would be the first person who i'd run to when i needed to cry or vent out something. shani would prepteually be my cram mate, especially in GIFT, because that's where we usually cram together. shani would forever be the girl who, for me, would perpetually have that boy toy of hers just around the corner, the one who actually had the guts to make fun of her hair.

about shani's hair -- i've seen a complete transformation of it ;) it looks best now btw :D

shani, thanks for always being there, at the other classroom, ready to hear me out when i needed you to. thanks for understanding me the best. thanks for being so patient with me, letting me take a look at your notes in physics and in any other subject, for being so smart and so cool, even if you don't admit it, for lending me books, for walking with me during lunch time when we had nothing else to do, for watching with me a whole lot of plays and movies, for supporting every little thing that i actually do and for just being the shani that everyone loves and who loves me too <3

i bet when we grow old, and even if we're in college, we'll still watch those plays together :)) don't forget to call me when it's time for the oblation run ;)

yes, sakasama no chou just ended on my playlist, but our friendship will never EVER end. and don't you forget it :)


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