March 30, 2010

working with the kiddies

this summer, i've found myself tackling a... well, a pretty challenging task.

when my tita, who owns MindGym Inc. (click here for their official website), asked me to become an art assistant, i thought it would be a pretty easy job.

oh, but the kiddies proved me wrong.

not that i'm saying they're pretty difficult, but they really are kiddies: the playful type. they're all cousins (some are brothers and sisters, which i find cute :D) but they all get along pretty well. they like taking breaks (oh yes they do) and they're all under 5 yrs old. javi's 10 and he just got transferred to sir mar's care -- but he's also a sweet kid too.

that's the kiddies for you, and i have to help sir arnel to teach them.

on my first day at work, i was really just finding my place in the huge room -- because i really didn't know what to do. in the end, after around 3 sessions of seeing the kiddies, i guess i've found my place: practically an all around person :))

but what's fulfilling in teaching the kiddies is that you see them at work while doing their artworks, and in the process, you get a clear picture of what they really are. kat's really what a girl should be, andres is really all-out when it comes to cleanliness, even in his work, mateo has a story beneath every masterpiece, martina likes organizing colors and javi's almost at the stage wherein he has to let go of his childishness, but it's still there as of the moment, so everything's good.

they make a rowdy bunch, and sure, maybe they don't talk too much to strangers (like me), but they're amiable sort of kids who gets swayed easily.

and that's what makes them all so lovable :)) yep, i love working with them so much :D


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