March 22, 2010

affiliate of a lifetime: Zhar

Oh Zhar -- one thing i'll definitely remember about you is that the camera just LOVES your face ;)

i'mnot going to disclose details here, because i know you'll appreciate it that way. not because i have anything else to write, but because the things that we usually talk about are very confidential, i don't think i need to use words to convey what i want to tell you about those things -- i know you know what i want to say about them anyway :D

Zhar, i really thank Kate for letting us meet. Lol, that sounded wrong but hey, it's the truth anyway :D i thank her for introducing us to each other three years ago, because right now, if we didn't know each other, we wouldn't be friends and my camera wouldn't be so full of your pictures :))

but seriously, you're one of the people who kept me sane for the first few weeks of sen10r year, and even up till now, i've always depended on you and angel when it came to everything classroom related -- mapa thesis man yan o hindi, mapachenes man or wala, you guys are the only ones i can seem to talk to with reservation, and we're awesome that way.

share ko lang, i really DID feel like crying when your finger got cut by the cutter and you were just shivering as hell while they poured Agua Oxigenada on it. at least it's all healed up right now, right?

Zhar, i hope you stay the way you are -- optimistic na emo. minsan ka lang makakakita niyan sa buhay, kaya special ka :)

when you're in UP Diliman na for good, celebrate tayo :)) and text me okay? LOL. txt na lang talaga eh. unless may YM sa UP LB, then awesome ;)

you're amazing and awesome zhar, and you should know that. and i'm really lucky to be your friend :) >:D<



  1. Thaaaank youuuu Shiiiiing. >8D< >8D< Hopefully I will have YM over there at LB but I can always text. :-j Love youuuuu. >8D<

    I'll be looking forward to invading your camera sometime soon. :-"

    optimistic na emo <--- Hehe, why so true =))

    -z. 8D

  2. oh, aasahan ko yan ng matindi :)) dapat may YM ang lugar na yun. kahit wi-fi man lang :))

    i love you too zhar!!!