March 22, 2010

affiliate of a lifetime: Angel

it's not the best picture i could find of her, but it sure does show you why i called her 'bubble' -- now go figure, but don't own it, because i'm the ONLY ONE who could call her that cause she's MY bubble.


first day of sen10r year, i was surprised to see angel lingering around room 5 when she suddenly told me 'classmate kaya kita' and then we fell into a thorough discussion of our options.

yes, what made angel and i closer was the fact that we were newbies to the DD/SD class and our minds had one thought running through them: run!

of course, that didn't happen. angel was more realistic when it came to the whole issue and told me to actually stay, for her sake. i couldn't refuse her then , because she was kate's seatmate for the whole of third year, and i usually asked her loads of favors like 'pakisabi kay kate...' 'pakibigay naman oh..' and things like that.

maybe it was the best decision i made in my whole entire life: and angel had a hand in taking me where i am right now.

you know what, i'm so grateful to you my dear bubble <3 not only were you my thesis mate, my seatmate in physics, my rant mate inside the classroom (along with zhar) and a great classmate, you were one of the people who made this year REALLY special and unforgettable. yeah, i know you had your PMS moments, but i could live with that ;)

i must admit, you're definitely amazing -- you're responsible, you're good with accounting, you pass your requirements on time (something i haven't done for the past two quarters) and you manage to ride every joke and every sabaw moment that zhar and i have. admit it, both of us usually are too weird to handle, but you were always there to listen to us everyday -- because you're never absent :D

thanks for being an awesome friend :) i know, you must've heard a thousand justin stories from me, even until the very end, but you put up with that. not only, you bluntly told me advice that i sure did need. it's only now that everything sunk in, you know. it's not like i wasn't listening to you back then, it's just that i guess i've finally woken up from that dream and i'm about to jump to another -- if i find it.

thanks for entrusting me with your secret too ;) i shall keep it forever in my heart and die with it.

i hope i'll still see you sometime. UE is very very far from Katipunan and maybe the only time we'll see each other is that when you use the LRT and then the MRT home, because we'll definitely cross paths in Cubao, gateway ;)

let's go shopping for zhar's lingerie okay? :)) let's buy her a sexy one :P

-- shing

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