March 29, 2010

finally! :D

oh yeah baby! i'm on my way to becoming an atenean! finally :))

a few days back (march 26, 2010), ate lorraine accompanied (and toured yet again) me in AdMU. although ate has been there for about 3 years already, we kinda got a bit lost in xavier hall, but it's all right :)

i had my mug shot taken on that day too :)) IF I JUST KNEW BEFORE HAND, i'd have fixed my hair, combed it straight or something but nooooo~ my hair was a mess and there was this white board right under my chin that had my student number scrawled on it.

you guess it, i was kinda laughing pretty hard inside the photo room :)) i was saying 'mug shot! mug shot!' again and again, and i bet the people after me were like 'wtf is this kid yapping about? what's so funny about a mug shot?'

well sorry :)) they just don't get it :))

and then after, we ate at the cafeteria: and instantly fell in love with their mami <3 all right, i might not live with mami alone, but on my first day,  promise i'll go back and eat that mami one more time because it tasted so good :))

it had a slice of egg on top ;)

really, i'm pretty hyped up about college, and in AdMU of all places. i guess it's all right that i didn't get to UP even after i cried about it. the fact still remains that i still have a school to go to, therefore i should be content that i'm going to school this coming june.

oh yeah~


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