March 10, 2010

start project: the affiliates of a lifetime

a little while ago, i was scanning my blog page when i found under my 'current projects' the project entitled 'affiliates of a lifetime'. i'm sure i've never explained this before, and i don't really remember why i wanted to do this one, so i'll take my own little time explaining it.

basically, i just wanted to compile a sort of 'people book' and write about them. in my life time, there were a lot of people who came into my life and somehow touched me. they're the people who stuck to me no matter what, who trusted me and cared for me, who understood me even better than myself and loved me for who i am.

they might not really end up looking at the things i've written for them, but in the years to come, i want to remember how i looked at them when i was just seventeen.

so here goes...


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