March 15, 2010

a take on applying for jobs

this morning, my cousin texted me and said that she sent something on fb and i had to check it out. so obviously, i got out of bed and raced downstairs to open my computer -- because i was absent and it was already 11 am. who goes to school at 11? i blame the DVD for making me feel dizzy when i woke up at 5 am

anyway, going back to the point, i checked the message and got interested. who wouldn't? ate aei was seriously talking about one awesome summer job :)

(and i shall share because i know someone who's reading this who knows how to write in an awesome manner *wink*) 
Hi Shing!

I just started work at Havoc Digital Inc, a digital marketing group in Makati, and we’re starting this media project that’s perfect for Net-savvy geeks (who can write) like us! Do you happen to be a forum junkie, a witty writer, and someone willing to take up writing articles part-time?

We’re looking for someone tech-savvy who can consistently write two 3-to-5-sentence articles every day, based on PinoyExchange forum threads. Topics can be anything from IronMan 2, political rivalry, local celeb gossip, travel tips, beauty tips, tech hacks, etc.

We’re revamping the PEx homepage set-up soon that’s why we need contributors ASAP. In tow is a fresher look and a continuously updated blog-like homepage, featuring the articles our contributors will write!

We’ll provide a general direction of topic trends, though contributors mostly have the free hand to choose what they’ll write about, based on any of the gabazillion PEx threads.

Articles will be like "intros" for the threads: First few sentences talks about the topic then wrapped up by a linked closing sentence, which directs the readers to a specific topic thread. At least one thumbnail/image should be in the article too.

If you become a contributor, we’ll give you access to a Wordpress CMS that you can open from anywhere with internet and a computer, where you’ll create and submit your work. Articles get published as soon as we approve it (which is only like a minute or so away, unless you submit stuff in advance!).

Contributors will be compensated on a per-article basis.

This is chance is rewarding allowance-/extra-kicks/writing-experience-wise, especially for those who are passionate and interested in the tech and online industries!

If you feel like you're up to the task, just reply to this message or go ahead and email me at your cover letter, resume, and at least three sample blog entries or articles. If you also know someone who fits the bill, maybe you can refer them to me too?

I'm excited to hear from you Shing! Hope all is well and great so far in your summer! ^_~
 this got me totally excited so the whole morning, i was trying to piece together one awesome resume and cover letter. but the problem was, i didn't know HOW to write one and i had totally no clue how resumes went.i discussed this thoroughly with Hrin and she kinda help me edit and get through with everything i needed to pass.

after thoroughly going over a dozen or so web pages discussing how to write resumes, do's and dont's, samples and whatnot, i was getting confused. did skills come first before achievements or vice versa? do i have to state this experience or not? is this even RIGHT?!?

i was in a total hiatus to get it done before the day ended, because i really wanted to finish it, and i needed to make it sound impressive as well. hell, i even wrote down on my skills ' able to write 80 words per minute' just right after timing myself while i typed. i am not kidding, i must've looked like a complete idiot with the watch.

i did finish my resume, and it's here: <-- this is totally an awesome way to submit your resumes :)) it's just a link ;)

don't laugh. it was the best i could do. i've totally forgotten how i managed to finish my UP/Ateneo/Lasalle/UST app forms and didn't exactly have the usual structured, usual fill-out form i've been used to seeing since last year.

but it was damn helpful... and free too :)

and the cover letter was just totally screwed up in a way because it didn't exactly talk about my skills... it more of focused on the idea that i was more than willing to write for them and that i really wanted the job :) i am so not posting that one though :)) it's embarrassing >////<

all in all, i guess i did a good job for my first ever serious resume... and at high school for that matter! another experience point for me!

-- shing

(lesson: the internet is your BEST friend)

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