March 14, 2010

start project: the awesome grad gift project

because it's just a week before graduation, i though i'd start on my awesome grad gift project.

and for the last time, i changed the concept again. first of all, it should've been a wallet of some sorts and i was going to go ahead and teach myself using these tutorials:

they're called 'Easy Peasy Snap' wallets (by CheyElizabeth) and i've been meaning to make them ever since Christmas, but since i didn't have enough money (even until now), i wasn't able to accomplish it. plus, the sewing machine broke down loads of times and there was no point in using it anymore. my mom didn't want to buy another one, so if i wanted to make these wallets, i would have to sew them by hand. i hesitated and ended up giving up on the idea.

(tutorial link: click here)

another one of my bizarre ideas is this one, the Quilted Wallet (by that*darn*kat). supposedly i was going to make one for my mom but then while i was looking through the steps, i found them really hard to understand. i mean, i'm no veteran in sewing (i can classify myself as an alien to it) so yes, i gave up on the idea again as well. but i thought it was really pretty.

(tutorial link: click here)

yes, i've been meaning to do a lot of things but it turns out that it's either i got disheartened or i was too damn ass lazy to start them.

but this time i've found a fool proof, super easy to make grad gift that i could do a whole lot in just one day :) and it's pretty meaningful too :)

i want to disclose some details but i know a few of my friends read my blog from time to time so i'll stay quiet for now :)) but rest assured i'm making them right now and it's pretty fun to do :)) plus i get to write a few things for them too, so it's all good.

what i'm working on right now though is the fact that the materials i have are just a few (considering how i got them) so i might end up giving only a few grad gifts when i wanted to make a lot. oh well... i hope they turn out good all the same ;)


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