March 5, 2010

and so, for another 7 months...

i absolutely detest goodbyes.

i hate seeing backs being turned or hearing even the words 'bye' spilling out of other people's mouths. it makes me want to think of the time i'll have to endure without that person. i just hate it when that happens.

in short, i hate it when my father leaves. and yes, it'll be another 7 months before i get to see him again. that's the reason why i excused myself from school today. this hurts more than it really should because i'm graduating and he won't see me leave high school for good when in fact he and my mom are the two people who have kept me going on for the past 4 years i've stayed in school, trying my best and almost killing myself because of the workload and the demand they give there.

and i'm going off to college too.

but i'm not saying he can't give me the support i need over the phone. i usually hear him out when he calls on Sundays. but i guess it's so much better to actually have him here with us because life's more fun that way.

why does earning money have to be so hard? i can't believe people actually have to go out to earn money elsewhere. I believe that the government should do something about this, really. ever since 4th grade, i've been seeing my dad leave time and time again and would only come back for at least two to 3 months and then it's goodbye again till next year.

i bet those people in the government never had to experience this. they call OFWs the 'new hero' without even feeling it for themselves how hard it is for their families and for themselves. i wish things would be easier and the quality of life would gradually turn for the better because really, this just sucks.

see? my dad won't even see me go to my graduation ball tomorrow >>


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