March 14, 2010

i just want to say...

for the people who i love terribly, here's something for you to listen to.

don't forget that even if we graduate, i'll still be there for you, the way i always do. so if you need someone to listen, to talk, to hug and to just fool around, you can count on me.

no matter how far away and how far apart, there'll always be a way for us to stay together :) i've written down every birthday, every special event, and when the time comes, you know it'll be me who's calling  you :P

i hope that when high school ends, our friendship never will. after four years, i've come to love and cherish you, as if you guys were the very air i breathe. i enjoyed all those moments, all those memories, even if some of you made me cry and hurt all over, it doesn't matter anymore. those things happened for a reason, and i know that when we sing our last songs, everything that happened to us, every risk and every jump where all worth it.

i will and can never regret all those stupid things we did.

i will and can never forget every bit of conversation we had.

sabi nga, walang iwanan, diba? walang kalimutan?

one day, when we're old enough, let's all start an epically wonderful idea and build all of our dreams into a reality. yeah. i'm really looking forward to that :)

(thank you trisha javier for singing this song last friday :P you were awesome :D) 


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