March 10, 2010

the yearbook project -- almost at its end

right now, i'm currently editing the last missing write-up sent to me. once i finish and send this, i'm about 95% done with my obligation to the yearbook.

it has definitely been fun. i mean, sure it wasn't fun when almost every morning i had to be out chasing class representatives, when i had to meet deadlines, when i had people bickering behind my back. i admit, i lack the skills to be a leader. i've never been good at that, but at least now i've proved to myself that i can survive in being one.

after i turn in this one last write-up, i can actually start rejoicing because i can. i feel like i've done and achieved something great. i've done a feat that someone as ordinary as me wouldn't even dream of doing.

months ago, i was up to this for supporting my best friends, but down the road, i found myself digging deep in the dirt with them. i don't even know why i did, but i did it :)

i'm so proud.

to all the writers who've worked for the seniors yearbook 0910, if ever you're reading this, know that i am so proud of you guys as well :) you guys tried your best to meet the deadlines :D yey! :) i promise we'll party like crazy when the yb's finally out :) thanks for being there for me and doing your job, with the addition of your other obligations. i know some of you found it difficult because of other things, but i hope the yb never really did kill you :) i love you guys! <3


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