March 22, 2010

affiliate of a lifetime: Anna Pat

i still can't get over the fact that you're so much older than me, but hey, i have to live with it ;)

i've always been aware of anapat's presence: that dark, twisted brain of hers emitting waves that just practically caused me to shiver, but it's not always the case.

maybe the only time i really got to know anapat was when we were asked to layout our book for GIFT last year. that was when i discovered that she was a great artists, that she was awesomely amazing when it came to art and that her concepts were so awesome, they would've won any award.

i could still remember the awkward phone calls i had with her during the first weeks of us being a team. i really had no idea how to talk to her because she was all english and i just had to answer her in filipino because i was in no mood to correct myself.

but that soon went away when we seriously started to work on the layout. who cared if we didn't talk in the same dialect, huh? as long as we got the job done right?

she was the first person who i admitted to that i had no friggin idea how to use Adobe InDesign, but i still winged the whole thing anyway back at the OCEA. i was wishing back then that sir velarde also wrote her name on the excuse letter they gave to sister TA, because it was REALLY hard to do the whole thing, all alone, with someone i didn't know (who turned out to be Ms. De la Paz, my awesome and lovely english teacher :P)

remember anapat when ms. de la paz got mad at you for not greeting her? i was so scared for you back then :|

until now, anapat's still my partner when it came to various GIFT projects, especially for the recent one we just didn't finish :| oh, and i'm still sad about it, but what can we do anyway? LOL.

thanks anapat. this year wouldn't be awesome without you. i enjoy all those meetings we had, all the yearbook stress and angst, all that chismis we shared in YM and everything. but one thing i'd like to thank you for would be your support: it never did falter. not even once. seriously, you would always say 'go shinglet!~' even if i was all 'no way i can't do that :<'. you were always there to read my stats in Ym and you would always have to react to them, no matter how absurd they may sound, but they all make sense to you, and i don't really know why :>

maybe it's because you're awesome that you understand :D i hope you continue being awesome :) and when you're out there already, in the big world, trying to gain world domination, i hope you count me in as one of your generals, because i'd go that far for you.


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