March 22, 2010

affiliate of a lifetime: Ichie


in case you want to, start admitting to yourself that i call you my bestfriend, because for all those years that we've known each other, you've always been my bestfriend :D

i don't remember how exactly we got ourselves talking back in second grade, but i sure know that you were so much more wild back then than you are now: because back then you were so gung ho about playing walkie-talkie jollibee with me :)) come to think of it, the set up's just that stupid, i bet we were just testing them out for the fun of it :))

i remember back in the summer before grade 6, i called your house and you didn't even know me anymore. 'who?' 'elisha. i was your classmate in grade four, remember?' -- hanep, NAG ENGLISH PA TAYO EH :)) after maybe 2 minutes, we just hung up, but you know, i still have your number in my little sun-shaped notebook, with YOUR hand writing on it :)

stalker much, yes, but admit it, na-flatter ka naman.

grade five and grade six weren't REALLY the best years of our lives (admit it) so let's fast forward to grade seven: you were even scared to sit down beside me and we ended up sitting far from each other on the first day. but hoh lord, can i just admit that i was so glad you were my classmate? yes i was, and i pretty much enjoyed the year hanging out with you, calling you every night just because it was a habit already, and pretty much we started to discover the wonders of drawing and art once again (remember raining icecream? yes, that was us, with kate :D).

remember when i called you up just to tell you my dad bought me a modem? i was just practically screaming on the phone with excitement, and maybe you thought it was boring, but you were really happy for me as well.

remember the times when you used to say 'utang mo to sakin' but then i ended up never paying for them? that's why we coined the term 'utang-turned-libre' :D because that always happened.

remember when you and kate slipped a note on my locker back in freshman year and it read 'Shing' in pink because you so wanted to test out your new watercolor faber castle pencils? yes, i still have it btw :)) i just need to look for it :P

remember second year when you were just rooms apart and i had to go to another building just to talk to you? you never did like going out so kate and i made it a point to walk towards your building. and when you transferred to our building, we still had to walk you up one floor again before classes started after recess.

remember last year when we just practically shared stories about our NOW ex-es because they were being bitches? chie, i've finally learned that THEY DON'T FRIGGIN DESERVE US AND YOU'D BETTER BELIEVE IT.

i know this year wasn't that great, and we fought real bad, and you were there to see me break down, and yet you were still the first one to make amends with me. no, it wasn't kate -- it was YOU.

and that's why i love you :))

i remember way before you said something like: 'if you love someone, let them go, because if they come back, you know they really belong to you. kaya when the time goes, i can let go of you because alam kong babalik ka rin sakin eh'

yes, you DID say that (that was grade seven i think), and for the whole of november and december, that was the only thing i was thinking of: that was what REALLY kept me going, after all :>

chie, thanks for a lot of firsts. oh, don't you go all green on me :)) by firsts, i mean like, first time someone came to my house and slept over, first cosplay event i went to, first mall gala experience that lasted more than 6 hours, first time to go on a vacation with someone other than my family, sharing with me my first heartbreak... i can list a lot, but i know you'll get tired reading them all.

just get the point that you really are indeed very VERY special to me and that'll never change. the eagle can never EVER brainwash me into hating the archers because that's what you are -- and i respect that because for the longest time, you were and have always been talking about going to la salle when i was just ranting on and on about my would-be UP life (that would now never ever happen, but wtf. i'm still in Katipunan and it won't change)

chie, thanks for trusting me with your secrets. i know you and kate usually hide some from me to avoid hurting me, and i guess it's all right because you know i'm a nut case and i can't help it ;) but all the same, i still thank you for trusting me enough.

i'm sorry if i've been overly annoying at sometimes :) i can't help that either :<

but even so, i know you still love me the same way i love you. and no matter what 'walang iwanan at kalimutan' because once you're rich and famous, i'mma leech off you :P no, i'm kidding. we still have loads of dream to fulfill together with the rest (like our grand bar idea -- complete with the books, the artworks, the DRINKS and all the snazzy rooms people could use... for various reasons ;) )

don't forget to update me now and then. oh, and if you've got a gig, tell me :)) para makapunta naman ako, kahit isang beses lang :D

i LOVE you chie!and i'm rubbing THAT FACT IN.


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