March 29, 2010

anna pat's 18th -- pure win :))

although my feet were slowly dying in my shoes, i still enjoyed last night :)) the food was awesome and oh lord, seeing my friends again (and so many other familiar faces) made me so much happy, i was high the whole night :))

plus the fondue kinda added to my already sort -of hyper induced brain :))

and yep, i managed to pull my 'much more beautiful person (by bowling for soup)' stint off :)) the whole day i was singing it and i was kinda wondering if i was really going to pull it off, because first, it's ROCK and second, this princess doesn't DO rock (although maybe i like listening to it, but i don't sing it out loud)

i'm sure everyone was pretty much amused, and i guess i did well because anna pat liked it, so so much for the embarrassment but OH WELL :))

what i failed to do though, was to arrive early. as a consequence, i only had 2 pictures with kitty ko at photo booth because the thing closed at 10. and i arrived at around 9 30 >> that just sucked, but it was fine :))

and shani just had to sing that song =)) epic win :))

last night was awesome anna pat! congrats! you can now rest your jumpy nerves :))


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