March 25, 2010

describing my summer

how could i actually begin describing my summer?

in just a week, i have completely turned over a new leaf -- that is to say, i have been 'reborn' and i see things now as different than what i thought they were. i'm not kidding. i feel the whole 'optimism' and 'happiness' radiating all through out my body the moment i wake up, and every time i lie down every night, i feel like the sugar rush still won't stop.

that's how happy i am, really.

maybe it's because i feel accomplished. i can say that i've been doing a lot of worthwhile stuffs, and i feel happy that i'm writing again, that i'm going out of the house every now and then, that i don't ask my mom much for money (because my grad money hasn't depleted yet) and i think life is just perfect the way things are now.

i wake up early because i have something to look forward to doing -- be it going out to a meeting, or do my job as an art assistant. that sort of thing. and when the afternoon strikes, the house is pretty silent and i could do anything i want (mostly sleep) and when night comes, it's back to the computer with one goal in mind: finish writing those articles :))

it really has been fun, and i hope things stay the way they are. i'm experiencing a whole lot of new things that i've never imagined i could do, but i'm doing them, and it really does feel wonderful.

it makes you feel like you're a whole new person, both inside and out.

oh, and i guess a huge factor of it comes from the fact that i've already moved on with life: i'm over him.

that alone is something to rejoice about :) i mean, for almost close to a year, i've tied myself down to one person who can't even love me back. that turned out to be one thing that dragged me down the most, but now it's done and over; i've lifted that heavy boulder up from my shoulders and threw it far into the sea, never to go back to it again because it's somewhere you can't go to anymore :)

oh freedom. oh summer. i love you both :D



  1. summer, summer, summer. for someone who doesn't have a lot of friends IRL, it'll be just another boring time of the year. *sigh*

    Bakasyon somewhere? Not a chance *sigh again*

  2. awww kuya kevin :) but this summer should be awesome :) ewan, i feel like it SHOULD be awesome (gut feeling :P)

    it's all right if you won't go somewhere for a vacation :) at least you spend time for yourself this summer, or with friends, then that'll be good enough ;)