April 12, 2010

this summer~

well, basically, it's not like i didn't have any plans at all this summer. sure enough, i've already accomplished SOME of them :P it's just that i haven't been able to update this little space of mine because at night...

a. i feel damn ass lazy to
b. i feel like i'm THAT tired (but i stay online at least until 12)
c. i don't feel like opening my blog at all
d. the yaoi manga's calling me -- it's beckoning me and i cannot resist :P

that pretty much sums up a thousand and one excuses i could actually list down here to make you guys believe me :P

anyway, as for now, i'll write down all the things i planned and will do this summer: because this IS the summer to do stupid things :P

1. earn loads of muneh -- currently in progress! yey!
and under this would be:
a. get 5 blurbs finished per week done
b. get 5 articles per month done
c. wake up early every morning (this one is really a drag >>)
d. finish current project under (secret)

2. buy loads of outfits for college
--this has actually been done several times now, all with chie of course :) because it's awesome to look for sales with somebody you know who won't freak out when you do.

3.clean the computer room and make it study-able enough
--somewhat in the process. i can't seem to find the heart to actually throw away a few precious artifacts i found... but they really have to go >>

4. get started on actually finishing the freshman kit they gave me in ateneo a few weeks back
--i REALLY should get started working on this... it's not like i don't care, but seeing a doctor to test me out doesn't look really appealing (because i hate waiting and going to a doctor actually spells WAITING with a capital W)

5. have a good time at the yaoi con
--do i need to explain this?

6. practice the 'green' lifestyle
--green as in environmental. i've been always trying to do something about it, and now i actually can :P

7. go on a diet... or at least lose a couple of pounds
--because i want to.

8. make notebooks
-- because i don't want lined notebooks anymore plz :<

--because elections really IS just around the corner:D

and lastly

10. enjoy this summer
-- this might be my last, after all.

i haven't thought about any projects for now, but i've accomplished some already but i just haven't actually written it down or had any pictures taken. don't worry, i'll try my best :) i want to document every special little thing i've done anyway :)


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