April 22, 2010

my first pay envelope

(no pictures ._. forgot to bring my camera :<)

really~ yesterday was the first meeting i ever went to that had my tummy in knots and doing somersaults every few minutes -- i was even praying silently 'don't forsake me lord~ please~'

and i'm not over exaggerating anything >>

aside from yearbook meetings, i haven't gone to a meeting alone really :P maybe that factor scared me a lot -- i didn't have chie to depend on because she wasn't there and it wasn't a project we were working on together. yeah~

but despite my discomfort, the moment i stepped inside itallani's, miss b and miss aves were insisting we should eat first before discussing anything. and even while eating, they were just randomly advising me about things (college, stuffs, boys~ ganun). so by the time we actually started doing the modules, i was already at ease.

yep, i love them both <3 they're totally awesome people :tighthug: plus they love to laugh too :P

so yes, maybe there were still some things that i lacked in my work, and since mail failed us all (miss b wasn't able to receive the second part >> mails why are you so fail?!?) she had to read it on the spot :P hahahaha :>

in the end, i was able to receive my ever first pay envelope :> but i gave it to ma because really~ i've always wanted to do just that ;) (saw it in a commercial once, and asked around: ibinibigay ang unang sweldo sa magulang. palaging tandaan)


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