April 12, 2010

daily project: donate the books

i remember way back then when my mom and i actually hauled upstairs the basket of books that my brother and i didn't need any longer. that was at least a year back, and i was only now that i was able to actually donate them and see them off. 

well, for one, it was only recently that i discovered that we actually HAD a library near us.So okay, maybe it wasn't THAT near since we had to ride the tricycle to go there, but it's near enough. 

anyway, a few days back, i asked the manong guard if they accepted donated books, and he said yes, they did. that was saturday then, and they were kind of closed. so come today, i dragged all of those books down there and dropped them off. 

really, all you had to do was read their policy and sign the waver. that was it :) you guys might want to give it a try too -- that is, if you do have books to donate :P 

Greater Project 4 Branch (District 3)
P. Tuazon Avenue, Barangay Marilag, Quezon City 
Librarians: Mr.Arturo Lagrimas; Ms.Carla Mendoza; Mr.Noel Sacramento 
With 4 computers for OPAC, encoding, with WIFI
02 438 2208, email: artlagrimas@gmail.com
M-F 8-6pm


The Greater Project 4 Public Library is always pleased to receive book donations from various donors and supporters. Donation of books had helped augmenting the collection development. The books and other materials are accepted with the understanding that they may be retained, discarded and used at the discretion of the library.  The Library is sincerely grateful for the generosity of individuals wishing to donate materials; however, experience has taught us that the following guidelines are necessary:
    1. Donations will be added to the collection only after the items have been evaluated to determine if they meet the collection development requirements.
    2. Selected books can now be processed and will be distributed to main or to other QCPL branches.
    3. If the material determine to be inappropriate for the collection, the Library reserves the right to dispose material to its best advantage.
    4. Such disposition may include : 
      donation to other libraries
      donation to local or other institutions or organizations
    5. The library is not obligated to keep donated materials for any length of time.
basically, that's our library here. you can go search the net if you want to look for the library nearest you :D 

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