April 29, 2010

Light's Out Final Serving: Dolce~

This day was just lalalalalalalaLOVE!~

although i'm writing this blog 4 days after the actual event, i guess it's fine. i mean, we're all still high about it, and i've somewhat calmed down to collect my thoughts properly. otherwise, you'll all be reading my epic rantings about... well, the yaoi con, in general :>

but i have to admit, that day must've been the best day of my whole entire life. and not to mention the roadtrip kuya andy and i took just to get there~ makati is such a huge and confusing place. plus i don't think i'm destined for that area because i rarely saw jeeps and tricycles, plus the MRT was too far away ._. 

so no, makati, you are not my destiny. 

anyway, although the venue was small, it was just perfect for around 120 people (give and take a few more) to actually fit in, roam around, and get cozy. there were tables selling the most gorgeous stuff (the green fujoshi shirt T_T i was eyeing that one the whole time but noooo~ they ran out of stock >>), trinkets here and there (see my blue star earrings? -- chie and i had to start squabbling like kids on that one) and all the other funny little things you'd probably have heard about but never saw (seme-uke shirt? yes plz).

and the bathroom~ can i say the bathroom was just like our secret base LOL

and the balcony was just awesome~ i felt like i was on top of the woooorld~

there were short talks too. and they were all just funny, and you couldn't help but smile and laugh along with everyone else. for example 

topic: why we read yaoi~
answer (1 of 3): for shits and giggles

topic: who usually reads yaoi~ 
answer(1 of many): girls from private catholic schools! (hoh yeah!!!)

topic: why do we act this way~
answer: no one knows why. it's still a mystery ._.

see what i mean? it was all so very interesting to know that some people actually get SENT to japan to study the fujoshi culture. or if not, i'd like to quote what one mod said -- 'i went to japan to learn how to read porn'.

(that seriously just made me laugh ;P)

the library was just super cozy~ and it had all the yaoi goodness piled up on the table~ yep, i can admit i've read most of them... maybe around 65% of those mangas i've already read :P so even if some were still in japanese, i could browse through the pictures again and again because i knew what they were saying anyway. uhuh, that's how addicted i am :P i dunno about the twins though -- they must've read all of em already LOL.

there were some fun stuffs to do too. i got tempted to do a tarot card reading (more on that on the next post because it's rather a long one and it has a certain place in my heart) and then there were cookies and sandwiches for lunch, ate amanda's booth was there too, there were film viewings, at least one quiz and we stalked the ate during komikon who said she'd be releasing a new comic during the yaoi con (another reason why we came). 

i even got to see ate camille after 3 years >M< WOOHOO!!! 

but maybe the highlight of the whole entire day was the butler cafe~ 

generally, i don't think it had anything to do with the yaoi, really. well, sure, if you think about the other butlers being in love with the others, then fine, i call quits. but in my opinion, since there were loads of girls during the event (majority really were fan girls, after all :P), why not add another generally well liked idea -- a cafe? 

i mean, ozine had this maid cafe :P (although i didn't have enough guts to actually enter it >>) and a whole lot of guys turned up for that one >> 

at the start, chie and i were eyeing this certain butler (ohoho >M<) but in the end, we wanted to take home kuya xid and ate seven (respectively cid and kune for those who don't know) because they were just hagfasfdjksbnd AWESOME. during the first few minutes, we were all awkward and all, but then when the games arrived, aun na~ we were just playing, and laughing and spending all those 5 peso coins chie and marik brought just for that occasion :P

what can i say? the 300 was worth it :P 

i stayed a bit longer because everyone else (meaning the gang) had to leave early~ so i stuck it out to watch antique bakery (korean ver.) alone (but not alone because there were still a lot of people) and then i ended up winning a raffle :P the yaoi manga should've gone to marik because they called her number first, but it ended up with me soooo~ it's mine >M< 

another bonus of going home late: 

feel good day much? you bet it was. so much that i want to repeat it all over again. HA! in my dreams~


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