April 22, 2010

shy's 18th :>

(i know it's a bit late to do a blog about this but oh well~)

i got invited to shy's debut -- and oh lord was it fun~

saw many people who i didn't get to see for WEEKS (how more if it's lorraine's~ hmmmm) and it's was in Dad's so: EAT ALL YOU CAN <3

we had to change seats for 3 times ._. until we got back to out original chair which was like 'whut? dito lang rin tayo bagasak? HUH' but no worries~ we had to sit with a couple we didn't know, but it's all right (basically, they didn't mind that we were too damn noisy for out own good)

what really was amazing was that shy herself had to change costume 4 times ._. and everytime it's just 'woah shy~ ganda ng damit mo!!!' and even her hairstyle changed with each and every one ;) -- i don't know how they did it so quikly buuut~ i think it's magic :P

happy birthday shy!


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