November 1, 2010

the hairbow

like i said, i spent most of the afternoon trying to piece accessories and other stuff that i THINK would look good with my dress. seriously, i have yet to see it tomorrow morning because they scheduled my fitting TOMORROW. and due to the lack of awesome stuffs (vintage, loli and the like) in the regular malls, i opted to seriously scourge the net for some proper items. 

although online shopping seems to be fun (yes, i admit to that), the most bothersome fact in this line of business is if the seller doesn't really respond to your queries about a certain product. well, yeah, i found the stuffs i liked and inquired about them, but i have yet to get a response. 

but after almost 2 days of not getting any message via note or text, i thought of skipping the whole thing and actually just make my own. truth be told, i gave up on wear a crown/tiara on my head because the good ones were usually sold already and i wouldn't stand a chance if i had one custom made. so i opted for ribbons instead :) 

sky blue and white polka dot fabric ftw!!!
i made use of this tutorial to help me. yep, i found a lot of em but this seemed pretty good :) and it made use of some fabric too, not just ribbons so it made more sense :P

aaaaaand i made another one for chie. although i still don't know if this should go on as a headband or something to put on her neck

(chie, you decide and then tell me :P)



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