October 30, 2010

the long sembreak post

i wonder why every night for the past couple of weeks, i've told myself to BLOG something, even the SMALLEST thing, but night after night i would spend hours staring in front of the pc and do NOTHING and then turn it off at 12 midnight (or later than that) without even getting one single blog post done. 

i hope you're ready for some hard, long ranting folks :))

 so two weeks ago, i've entered into the the yearly 'stagnant' phase entitled 'sembreak'. during highschool, sembreak meant a) freedom and b) more time to cram. recently, i've just discovered that sembreak for college folks is just freedom. that's it. it's like entering a three week summer period where in the first few days you just practically SAVOR the feeling of not going to school and not having to do anything and then for the next remaining weeks, you're just definitely ITCHING to go out with your blockmates or bug your highschool friends who never had a sembreak to begin with in their new college life. 

yes, pity. 

i remember reading shaniqua's stat when they went into the sembreak mode: 'i swear i won't say 'i'm bored' ever again during this sembreak' or something relatively close to that. it made me want to say the same thing because for the whole first semester, i was just practically crawling to get things done, submitted and finished. i was cursing every subject especially when the last two weeks rolled in and even lit couldn't stand a chance against it. i was practically spewing out venom because everything was JUST TOO HARD. 

when sembreak rolled in, it was heaven for the first few days. and then i started missing my blockmates. believe it or not, i really HAVE gone and attached myself to them with sticky glue. i started missing them, and when i saw some of them again when we had an outing, a great sense of relief washed over me :)) 

i guess that's the way it is. the first sem was indeed challenging. there were many ups and downs and i really didn't think i'd get close to them the way i am right now. i love them so much <3 i don't think any day would be complete if tj didn't annoy the heck out of me, or if i didn't see leya and joanne talking about the most random things in FB, or if vernon didn't go philosophical on me, or even if mico didn't throw my brain into limbo. 

they totally complete my day :) i must admit to that. 

so much for an introduction :)) let's get to business


they weren't BAD really :)) i passed my first semester minus the flying colors because of math and physics, but they real were okay :) 

ENG11 - A
LIT13 - B+
MA11 - C
PYS 1 - C
PSY 2 - A
FIL - B+
PE - A

i don't think they're that bad really~ i'm happy and content with my cQPI (2.97) but i know i could've done better. oh well. on to the next sem! :)) i plan on studying to get As. i'm serious. i want to be a DL and prove myself that i CAN. if len could do it, then so could i. 


i placed this as priority number one this sembreak. for the past few weeks, my parents and i have been battling it out. it seems like at first, we didn't know what to do, and then second, our ideals clashed a lot (although we've come to resolve them all... well, until the food that is) and now i have yet to chase the people i invited if they were REALLY coming or not. 

my debut invitation!

at least i got the invitation done. THIS is something i actually liked doing. this must've been the BEST part  of all \:D/ looking for a dress design didn't even come close O_O

but then again, i don't really understand how lame the first dress shop we tried out was. first, they were unsure of what to do. then it took them days to get things finalized. and what's more, they really lack coordination. not that i'm saying they're not good, but uh... you're not convincing. 

so in a mad rush, we went to the dress maker who made her wedding gown before and got things done there. although they didn't give us a price to work with, i'm still hoping it would be below 4k. my mom and i raced to divisoria and actually braved the rains to get the material needed for the dress. 

i hope it was worth it. 

now all i need is a pair of shoes and a bunch of accessories. those are easy to find anyway :)) didn't focus much on them for the past few days but i will tomorrow :P moreover, i need to find stuff to decorate the place with because it's needed. i was hoping we'd end up using tito G.'s garden but they all voted for the 3rd floor of the La Casa MIA because right now, rains just unpredictably come ._. i don't want everyone to be drenched during my celebration >_<


my second sem schedule!
(fyi, the background is a supercell cover)

nothing's really changed much about my schedule. well, BALLROOM DANCING will obviously be the death of me and i hear my fil prof's a terror teacher, but i have yet to verify that for myself.

right now, i'm content with what i have and i don't want to change it anymore. i just want to eventually pass my second semester with flying colors this time :)) there's a possibility that i can do that, just as long  as i study a bit more harder \:D/

cheers to a great sembreak!

-- shing

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