November 2, 2010

the day before you turn 18

it's november 2, 2010, 10:35 pm, and in just a few short hours, i'm FINALLY turning 18. i don't know if i need to see it as a special thing or not, because turnung a year older happens every year, but turning LEGAL is another. so i guess, yeah, i might as well be excited for tomorrow.

today, i went to the dress maker to have a fitting session. srsly, i've forgotten how these things went, and i got a bit scared when manang suddenly started pinning pins on the lining of the dress. it scared me because she was pinning them REALLY close to my skin, almost as if to a real close fit, so all the while i was thinking 'i hope the pin doesn't go through me. please, i hope it doesn't go through me~' :">

and then after that, we made our way to the caterer's to finalize stuff for saturday. it was fun actually. the reception area was the showcase room, i think, and i saw most of their fancy napkin fold and table designs layed out. what i REALLY like seeing was the pictures of cakes. i chose one that realle looked good with my dress, because most probably i'd have lots of pictures with it. and yes, it's pretty. i fell in love with it the moment i saw it <3

after that, the rest of the day was spent practically just paying for the stuff chie and i decided to buy online last night. it wasn't much of a hassle really. i've done countless of online purchases, and it's just a matter of finding online shops that won't steal or milk off your hard earned cash. yes, when i say hard earned, i mean it O_O

so i'm expecting a few packages to be delivered to my house tomorrow \:D/ just to show you guys what i bought...

earth shiny happy bracelet by mushpomato

princess vintage necklace by happy heart accessories shop

and i don't have a picture of the items i bought, but i might as well plug it here...

human heart nature (100% all natural beauty products FTW yeah)

for the first two, i'm glad to say that it was easy to talk to them. nothing a few texts can't fix :) and of course, they did the reminding, not me, so i say thumbs up (^_^)b payed for the items using gcash~

for HHN, i had an account set up a few months back. yes, i've been wanting to buy stuff from them since FOREVER but i didn't have the money to. now that there was a reason to actually buy something from HHN, chie and i grabbed the opportunity. can i just say that BPI has evolved into a wonderful new place? hihihihi~ i love their touch-screen electronic tellers and comfy seats. yep, first time i didn't have to stand up and line in a BANK. now THAT'S something :)) and since they have the electronic system, i didn't need to write anything down. just press in a few numbers and out comes the que number! the only problem they'd encounter though would be technical glitches and  of course, the crowd sitting in front of them waiting~ they should just open up more counters if you ask me :)) 



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