August 30, 2010

the extra curricular

who says all i've been doing is sitting in class and listening to my teachers all day long? that's boring, obviously :P i'd like to plug in two of the things i'm overly excited about because i'm FINALLY going to do something awesome \:D/

Sneak Peek: September 8, 2010 (wednesday) during the JSP week
Toujin Bazaar: September 20-25, 2010 (tentative) 
Colayco Pavilion, Ateneo de Manila University 

so somehow, i ended up deciding to be a marshal instead of a hostess. yes, you might say that fear got the better of me so i clicked on the word 'marshal' instead. and i don't have money for extravagant costumes and the like -- how am i going to survive with only my wardrobe? well, if the bar allowed casual clothes, that would've been cool, but it's a 'bar' and the image i can only form inside my brain is the image of Le Mirage *remembers yaoi con days*. 

After going to one orientation/training session, i actually think my job's pretty easy. it's something i can DEFINITELY handle -- with a smile! :D plus, there are some people i know who're marshals too, so it's all good :D 


October 2-3, 2010
Function Room 5, SMX Convention Center

THIS i swear i'm looking forward to. I went all the way to Magallanes for the meeting and i'm glad i saw ate Sheri and ate Ice and Kuya Shin and Kuya C2 and Kuya Mark again. Kuya Glenn didn't appear, but it's alright :) we all know he's in it anyway :D 

I ended up going to Secretariat rather than marshaling for this one. i was actually tempted to go to the Cosplay team, but then... can i REALLY do THAT? Entrance and Exit seemed so much easier to do anyway :) plus, we'll be sort of front liners for everything -- so we're kinda special too :D I can't wait for October for this one >M< yeah, i'm getting hyped up for volunteering, but who cares? at LEAST i have something awesome to do :D 

so that was just a shameless plug, but i hope you guys can check them out ;) it'll be FUN :D it would be awesome if you can spot me too ;) 


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