February 2, 2010

the trends

so, when i opened my issue of Pauliworld today, i found myself staring at PL's and Pat Nabong's feature article entitled 'InterNetwork'. It featured facebook, twitter and tumblr and their insights about it.

honestly, i don't do trends. i was the girl who detested skinny jeans when they first came out and was only forced into them because my mother bought me an expensive pair and my conscience wouldn't let me rest with the fact that it might go to waste. I didn't opt to have bangs when everyone else had them. i read, sis and played everything after everyone else did them because i didn't want to follow the trend.

after reading the article, i was thinking 'oh internet trends...'. i didn't follow them either. until now, i don't have facebook and it still remains a mystery for my cousins why i don't have one. the only trendy account i have is plurk, and i had it even way before people started to have one (courtesy of Hrin and her ingenious idea of making an account so we could update each other with what's been happening to both of us even if we were miles apart -- but that's past ._.).

i can't explain why i don't even like following trends. chie and i are totally opposite when it comes to them: she knows trends even before they come out and i only do trends when they're forgotten and stories about it have died down.

whatever. i don't need to do them to act cool because i know i'm cool enough :P


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