February 6, 2010

rent : the matinee show

despite our failure to take awesome pictures, the play was totally awesome!

considering me and shani ddidn't really know the story (we never watched the movie anyway), we enjoyed the play immensely. it was good. we were close to crying in some scenes and laughed at the others. it was cool.

the story about how jonathan larson (the one who made Rent) wasn't able to even see his own masterpiece kept running through my mind :D he's awesome.

and can i say the person who played mark was a cutie?

i can't believe it! the seats we got were GOOD! i swear!!! it was totally awesome that we could finally see the actor's faces (not like when we watched Sweeney Todd... the seats were too far back). as shani said 'worth it toh!'

and the people there were really nice. i mean, the production staff. i guess they pretty much saw through us. shani and i were looking like a pair of raggamuffins beside all the glitzy people. most of the other people there wore short dresses or something to that effect, like they were going to a party.

well, at least we looked human and decent enough.

and the RCBC plaza was cool too. the architecture. the structure. the glass panes... it was all too awesome and we spent at least 30 minutes going around the building, admiring every single floor with its awesome structure.

we got there around 2, and since shani was hungkry, we took off to tokyo tokyo after admiring the building to eat. there was a picture of a japanese girl who reminded me so much of alex mendoze, and i kept telling shani about it, but all she said was 'oh, maybe it's the hair' but i'm sure it was also the face the girl had that reminded me of my friend.

then because we felt like it, we took the 'underground' walkway. yes, it's a first for the both of us. i'm sure a lot of people who go to makati take the underground walkway (because it's the rule) but shani and i were new to it so we spent our time just walking slowly and thinking about how coo it would be underground. i told her, what if everywhere in the philippines, there was just a big underground walkway, where everyone needed to walk. it would be miles and miles of tunnels underground while all the cars passed above, but shani said there was a book like that already, but we both didn't know what the title was.

but it would've been a cool idea though. although i'm not really sure if it would be still as cool if it were already nighttime.

so yes, in short, today was awesome. yes. awesome :)


Rent by 9works theatrical : click here

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